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Yogurt Paw-Print Pops


  • yogurt - any flavor
  • lollipop sticks - any size
  • squeeze container or plastic zip top bag
  • parchment paper or a silicon mat
  • optional: mini chocolate chips


  1. Place your yogurt into a squeeze container, using a knife to fill it up to the top. You can simply use a plastic sandwich bag and cut off the corner tip of the bag. But I love using my squeeze bottle with a spout top (usually used for frosting). You can get a 3 pack for $5. It makes it so easy to make frozen yogurt dots and the container is reusable, no waste!
  2. With parchment paper down on a tray, evenly squeeze yogurt into quarter-sized portions. These are the base of the paws. Add 3 more dime-sized portions on top of each center portion. These will finish off the toes for each paw. Leave enough room for a lollipop stick as you make each paw.
  3. Add a lollipop stick to the center of each yogurt paw print.
  4. You can also add a few mini chocolate chips into your yogurt at this point as a fun option as well.
  5. Place your tray into the freezer for 1 hour. These are a bit thick in the center, so make sure they are all frozen before you pull them off the parchment. You can make them at the beginning of the movie and bring them out as a snack in the middle of the show.
  6. Now they are ready to eat for munching on as we watch our movie!