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Frozen Yogurt Fruit Dots

Pop these in the freezer for an hour or two and they are ready for an easy healthy snack! I love them just as much as my kids do. Especially as I'm home all day, I can have a bowl of these ready to go in the freezer for a quick snack. Just what I need to curb my sweet tooth!


  • yogurt
  • squeeze container or plastic zip top bag
  • fruit - cut into small sections
  • tray
  • parchment paper


  1. I added yogurt to my squeeze bottle, using a knife to fill it up to the top.
  2. You can simply use a plastic sandwich bag and cut off the corner tip of the bag. But I love using my squeeze bottle with a spout top (usually used for frosting). You can get a 3 pack for $5. It makes it so easy to make frozen yogurt dots and the container is reusable, no waste!
  3. With parchment paper down on your tray, evenly squeeze yogurt in a small dime size portion.
  4. You can place these closer together than I did, but I tried to make my tray look pretty for you!
  5. Add your fruit bite to the top of each yogurt dots.
  6. Place your tray in the freezer for 1-2 hours. I suggest 2 hours in the freezer to help freeze your fruit all the way as well.

Recipe Notes

They are ready to snack on! You can place them all into a large freezer bag or plastic freezer container and they will keep in the freezer for 2 months. Although I'm pretty certain they won't last that long :)

Make them 2 hours before the kids come home from school and it's a perfect sweet treat for after school. Yum!