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Big Hero 6 Baymax Crafts

As we gather all sorts of fun crafts and decorations for a Big Hero 6 birthday, since we love the movie so much, we are coming up with a few fun Baymax inspired ideas. We’re making Big Hero 6 Baymax Frisbee Flyers, Baymax face masks, and goodie bags for all the guests. Here’s the how-to for each of these party craft ideas!

Big Hero 6 Baymax Crafts

Baymax Crafts to Make for a Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers

Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers Craft

Supplies for Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers: 

  • 2 white paper plates – we used the small 6 inch plates
  • black marker or crayon
  • stapler or tape

Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers Supplies

1. Layer the paper plates on top of each other like a sandwich. Staple them in place around the plates.

2. With your black marker or crayon, add Baymax’s eyes.

3. For the superhero Baymax, you can cut out red paper wings and tape them to the side of the flyer.

4. Extra: For a Go Go Flyer, use a yellow paper plate. Color a black marker line around the inside edge and tape or glue in a red circle for the center.

Go Go Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers

Baymax Face Masks 

Big Hero 6 Baymax Face Masks

Supplies for Baymax Face Masks: 

Baymax Face Mask Craft Supplies

1. With your scissors, adult only, pierce a hole for one of the eyes. Cut the hole around about 1 inch in size. Cut across the plate to the other side to make the line between Baymax’s eyes. I cut an extra small space for the line so my kids could see through that area as well. Then cut a second hole for another eye on the other end of the line.

2. Hole punch on each side of the plate – 2 holes.

3. Cut 2 lengths of yarn about 2 feet long each. Tie them to each one of the holes. Wrap this around your child’s head and tie a bow to hold it in place.

Baymax Face Masks Craft

Big Hero 6 Goodie Bags

Big Hero 6 Baymax Goodie Bags for a Birthday Party

Supplies for Big Hero 6 Goodie Bags: 

Make a Baymax Goodie Bag for a Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

1. Fold your white paper bag in half.

2. Cut a curve around the top, starting at the outer edge and curve around with your scissors. Unfold the bag. Note: you can do this without folding the bag, but the folding helps it stay even on both ends.

3. Use your marker or crayons to draw Baymax’s eyes.

Fill your bag with treats or with the crafts you make at the party.

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