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Crochet Sun Coasters for Summer Parties

Summer is upon us and those backyard parties are a comin’! Stitch up these fun Crochet Sun Coasters to add a little summer flare to your party. We’ve also made crochet watermelon coasters, those would be fun for summer sippin’ too!

Summer Sippin' with Crochet Sun Coasters

Crochet Sun Coasters

I like using the Sugar and Cream yarn as it’s 100% cotton and soaks up the icy water from glasses really well.

Crochet Sun Coasters Free Pattern


  • yellow yarn
  • crochet hook size H
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

Crochet Sun Coasters Supplies


chain stitch (ch), triple crochet stitch (tc), double crochet (dc), half double crochet (hdc), single crochet (sc), slip stitch (sl)


* for the yellow sun only. We are using a granny stitch method where most crochet stitches are stitched through the hole, not the loop. You can switch colors for each round to create the orange sun pictured above.

1. Chain stitch 4.

2. Slip stitch back through the first chain stitch to create a circle.

3. Chain stitch 3. This will act as your first double crochet in this round.

4. Double crochet 11 more stitches in the center of the circle you made in step 2. 12 total.

5. Slip stitch through the top of the first chain of 3 to form the first circle round.

Round one for Crochet Sun Coaster

6. Continue with your yellow yarn and chain stitch 3 again. This will act as your first double crochet (dc) in this round.

7. Double crochet into the same stitch just to the left of where you chained, so there are now 2 in the same space.

8. Continue to double crochet 2 stitches into each of the remaining holes from the previous round. 24 total.

9. Slip stitch through the top of the first chain of 3 to form the second circle round.

Round 2 for Crochet Sun Coasters

10. Chain stitch 2. This will act as your first half double crochet (hdc). Stitch one more hdc into that same space as your chain of 2.

11. Continue to hdc 2 stitches through each space, for a total of 48 (including your first 2 from #10)

12. Slip stitch through the top of the first chain of 2 to form the third circle round.

Round 3 for Crochet Sun Coasters.jpg

13. Chain stitch 5.

14. Going back down the chain of 5, skip the first stitch, single crochet (sc) 1 stitch, half double crochet (hdc) 1 stitch, double crochet (dc) 1 stitch, triple crochet (tc) 1 stitch. This will create your triangle.

15. Once you have your triangle, count 5 of the half double crochet (hdc) stitches and single crochet (sc) after the 5th hdc. This will attach your triangle to the round.

Crochet Triangles for Sun Coasters

16. Single crochet 1 more stitch into the next hole.

17. Chain stitch 4 stitches from that last single crochet stitch. NOTE: For the second triangle (and all those after) chain stitch only 4. The sc from the previous counts as 1 stitch.

18. Repeat step 14. 15. 16. 17. for each of the triangles. You’ll have a total of 8 triangles for this pattern.

See the orange sun for a closer look at the triangles and the 2 sc stitches between each triangle.

19. End your last sc crochet stitch on the last hole before joining the circle of triangles with a slip stitch. Tie off the slip stitch and cut your yarn.

Finish Triangles for Sun Coaster

20. Use your yarn needle to thread and hide all the tails.

Crochet in the tails for a sun coaster

Now it’s time for some summer backyard fun! Add a drink and a straw, your party is complete!

Crochet Sun Coasters Free Pattern to Make

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Crochet Sun Coasters Pattern


  1. Pattern is wrong. Took me awhile to get it but you have to skip 4 HDC and sc in the 5th HDC. You can’t use 7 stitches to make this triangle. 8×7 is 56 not 48.

  2. In round 15 are you skipping the 5 HDC? And then putting a SC in the 6th? I can’t get my stitches to come out correct. Only getting 7 stars in?

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