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DIY Angel Ornament with Crochet Wings

I don’t think that there’s anything better than decorating your Christmas tree with homemade ornaments. We’ve got loads of ideas for you. Get crafting with these 9 DIY yarn ornaments, felt Nutcracker ornaments, and 9 ornaments for kids to make. Below, we are showing you how to make a beautiful DIY angel ornament with crocheted wings.

a DIY angel ornament made with a wood clothespin and crocheted wings

How to make a DIY angel ornament

These homemade angel ornaments are going to look beautiful on your Christmas tree. They make lovely gifts too.


  • Wood clothespin
  • Paint – white and gold
  • Fabric or tulle
  • Gold embroidery thread
  • White (or cream) yarn
  • Size 6.5 crochet hook
  • Permanent markers in red and black
  • Small eye screw
  • Hot glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

gather wood clothespins, yarn, embroidery thread, and paint to make diy angel ornaments with crocheted wings


Follow our instructions to make a crochet heart. The only thing we changed is that we used a size 6.5 crochet hook to make our hearts a little bigger. These pretty hearts will be your crocheted angel wings.

The next step is to paint your clothespins white.

a clothespin painted white to make a homemade angel ornament

Once the white paint is dry, use gold paint for the hair and shoes on your angel.

a clothespin painted with white and gold paint to make an angel

Use your permanent markers to draw on the eyes and mouth of your angel.

Draw a face with permanent markers on the head of your clothespin

Cut a small strip of fabric (or tulle), wrap it around the body of the angel, gather it together, and tie it in place with a piece of gold embroidery thread.

a clothespin angel painted white and gold with tulle wrapped around it

Attach the crocheted wings to the back of the angel using hot glue.

Note: If you haven’t already trimmed the yarn ends and woven them into your heart then do this before gluing them into place.

diy angel ornament made with crocheted wings

To hang your DIY angel ornament on your Christmas tree you will need to put an eye screw in the very top of the angel (almost like a halo). You can hand screw these into place. Add a piece of embroidery thread for hanging.

a DIY clothespin angel ornament with crocheted angel wings

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