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The team at Make and Takes is here to inspire YOU with ideas to be creative. Projects just for you, with your kids, and from the kitchen! These last 13 years, we’ve been sharing simple kids crafts, creative home DIY projects, and easy recipes we make with our own families with love. We hope to continue to share inspiration for many years to come!

We’re here to help you…

  • spark your creativity
  • with ideas on what to make
  • get your creative juices flowing!

We want to share what we’re up to with DIY projects, take you through the steps, and cheer you on! Our biggest goal going forward is to connect with our amazing community on a deeper level, especially through creativity.

Make and Takes Mission

Make and Takes is going through a few changes, starting with our new fresh look! As we ourselves are growing and becoming something new in the creative blog world, while we’re still the same old us, we want to keep evolving in this creative space. Make and Takes is here to continue to provide you with all sorts of exciting projects to keep making and taking. We plan to share more creative stories and connections with makers in mind. Stories about making, creating, cooking, baking, and family time fun. Stories about how to spark our creativity in this crazy world, trying to make it day to day. We also have hard times, we also get stuck and need motivation. So we’re all here on a road to find our true creative selves, trusting…

…we’re all doing the best we can!

MT Creative Pledge

So let’s keep it up, keep going, keep creating!


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We love working with brands who collaborate in helping our mission of family creativity and maker mamas come to life! Please visit our advertising page to learn more about partnerships with Make and Takes. Key partners have included Disney, Albertsons/Safeway, Testors, 3M, Procter & Gamble, Hersheys, S. C. Johnson, Warner Bros., Nabisco, and Shutterfly. Want to partner with us? Email at marie @ makeandtakes (dot) com for more information.