With the Kids

Celebrate the Holidays with the ABC’s

Join us in celebrating the holidays this season from A to Z. Celebrate holidays with crafting advents and icicles, trees and yarn pom-poms. Find all sorts of fun crafts and activities for the whole family in our Holiday ABC series.

Holiday Crafts and Activities

From A to Z!

A is for Advent – count down the days until the holidays are here.

B is for Bells – add bells into the shape of a tree for this festive display.

C is for Candy Cane – stitch up this classic candy cane for a holiday card.

D is for Dipped Desserts – dip these desserts into holiday colors for some super sweet treats.

E is for Elves – these cute little elf ears are perfect for anyone big or small.

F is for Frosty – add a little paint to these paper rolls and you’ll have a sweet snowman.

G is for Gingerbread – bake up these savory gingerbread peopl!

H is for Hanukkah – using some gold sparkly thread, make this decorative Star of David.

I is for Icicle – this is a simple ornament kids can make for your tree.

J is for Joy – add a little bell to add some jOy!

K is for Kwanzaa – here’s a simple idea for a Kwanzaa candle decoration.

L is for Lights – add a few faux candle lights to these sweet crafty paper cones.

M is for Manger – celebrate this season of Christmas with a manger craft.

N is for Nuts – we always have a bowl of nuts out on our holiday table for some quick munching.

O is for Oranges – dried oranges make for great holiday decor to hang in your house.

P is for Presents – stitch up this simple present to gift your loved ones.

Q is for Quilts – make a holiday quilt with beautiful colors.

R is for Reindeer – make a batch of reindeer cookies to feed your holiday sweet tooth.

S is for Santa – cute little Santa hats for display.

T is for Tree – stitch up a sweet embroidery floss tree for a greeting cards.

U is for Umbrellas – because you might need a peppermint treat for the holidays.

V is for Vintage – keep things classic for Christmas with these vintage ornaments.

W is for Winter – make winter a little more fun with these fun holiday ideas!

X is for Cross-Stitch – cross your stitches to make a beautiful x shaped Christmas tree.

Y is for Yarn – make cute little pom-poms with yarn!

Z is for Zig Zag – create a beautiful zig-zag shaped tree for your holiday celebrating.

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