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Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Easter is next month, so we’re getting our house ready with a few fun spring flower decorations. We love crafting with plastic eggs, so we had a blast crafting these Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets!

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers to Craft

These Easter egg flowers are simple to craft and make a bright and beautiful bouquet! With only 2 supplies, you’ll have a colorful display in minutes. They are super simple and can brighten up your home for spring.

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquet of Plastic Easter Eggs

Supplies for Easter Egg Flower Bouquet:

  • plastic eggs
  • green pipe cleaners

Easter Eggs and Pipe Cleaners Supplies


There’s a few ways to create your bouquet – by choosing the colors of plastic eggs that will work best with your home decor.

Supplies for Easter Egg Flowers

Or go all out with color and choose one of every plastic egg in the set!

Plastic Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaner Flowers

How you make your Easter egg flower bouquet:

1. There are usually 2 holes in the bottom of your plastic egg. Thread your pipe cleaner up through one hole and back down the second hole.

Making Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

2. Pull the pipe cleaner up and around to make sure they are even on both ends. Close the plastic egg.

Make Pipe Cleaner Plastic Egg Flowers

3. Twist the two ends together to make a firm and strong pipe cleaner flower stem.

Plastic Egg and Pipe Cleaner Flowers to Make

Make one of these for each of your plastic eggs.

Craft Pipe Cleaner and Plastic Egg Flowers

It’s ready to group together and make a beautiful, colorful bouquet!

Plastic Easter Egg Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers Kids Craft

Add them to a vase and display them for an Easter Flower Bouquet!

Easter Egg Flower Bouquet Craft

Have fun crafting for spring!

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers Tutorial

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  • Q-tip Easter Bunny – use styrofoam and Q-tips to make these cute and different looking bunny.
  • Easter Egg Yarn Art – Add glue with yarn to make a fun and festive art piece perfect for displaying at Easter.
  • Mix and Match Egg Hunt – kids love to play a game of hide and seek, so this is a great way to switch it up a little for some springtime fun.
  • Easter Chick Craft Spoons – decorate basic plastic spoons to create a springtime decoration.

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*Originally posted 3/20/15

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