With the Kids

Flying Feather Fish Kids Craft

Hi, Lucy here again. I’m going to teach you how to make a feather fishy. It’s a really great way to help your kids find something fun and feathery to do. Crafting Cute Feathered Fish Supplies for Feather Fish:

  • feather
  • googly eye
  • glue

Feather Fish Kids Craft Supplies 1. First, grab the glue and put it on the spot on the feather where you want to place the eye. 2. Next, you place the eye on the glue. DIY Feather Fish Craft for Kids 3. Wait for it to dry. And while you’re waiting, you can take another feather and start tickling around! Flying Feathered Fish Kids Craft Now you’re done and ready to play with your feather fishy friends!

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