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Love is in the Air with Paper Tube Heart Stamps

With love in the air, here’s a quick last minute Valentine’s Day craft – Paper Tube Heart Stamps. We’re using a recycled paper towel tube, along with paint and paper! So easy and so much fun for little hands to stamp.

Paper Tube Heart Stamps

Just by shaping your paper towel tube, you can create the heart shape needed to make these darling heart-tastic shapes. They are so much fun to craft. Make a whole set of cards for your Valentines! Here’s the how to for making paper tube heart stamps this Valentine’s day.


  • 1 paper towel or toilet paper tube
  • red and pink craft paint
  • white craft paper
  • scissors

1. Crease and fold one edge of the tube end inward to create the center point and top ridges of your heart. Crease and gently fold outward the edge opposite your first crease. This might bend the center fold a bit, so use your scissors to create a flat heart for stamping.

Heart Stamped Paper Tube

2. Dip your heart-shaped tube into paint and press onto a sheet of paper.

3. Stamp as many hearts on your paper as will fit.

4. Set to dry.

5. Once the paint is dry, cut the paper into a large heart shape to display!

If you love stamping with paper tubes, you’ll love all the ideas we’ve been sharing.

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Make Paper Tube Heart Stamps


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