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Marble Painted Apple Craft

The kids and I love to get the craft supplies out and see what inspiration will hit.  Today we were inspired by our bright red, yellow, and green paints to make apples.  But we did not just want to paint apples with a brush, so we used marbles.We had a lot of fun creating our marble painted apple crafts.

Painting with marbles and an apple craft for kids

Supplies for marble painted apples craft:

  • red, green, and yellow paint
  • marbles
  • plastic bin
  • white cardstock or thick paper

supplies marble paintings

1. Place paper in the bin.

2.  Squirt paint on paper somewhere.

marble painting with kids

3. Let the kids drop a marble or 2 in the bin.

4. Tilt the bin back and forth to let the marble paint the paper.

how to paint with marbles

5. When through painting lay the paper out to dry.

6. Wipe out the bin and marble and repeat the process to create more paintings.

apple craft for kids

7. Trace an apple on the dry painting and cut out.

8. Grab brown and green construction paper and cut out leaves and stems for the apples.

marble painted apple craft for kids

9. Glue the stems and leaves on to the apple.

marble painting apple craft for kids

Now we had a fun new marble painted apple craft creation.  The kids and I just loved how they turned out.  Now we are thinking of making a garland out of them to hang up in the house.

marble painted apple craft

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