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Mixed Media Sunflower Art Project

Summer is the perfect time for crafts with the kids, especially ones with summer flowers! Help your little ones find their creativity with these sunflower art mixed media creations!

Sunflower mixed media art project for kids

Mixed Media Sunflower Art Project

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. What’s not to love about something so bright and cheery? These mixed media sunflowers will keep your artists busy with a fun mix of techniques – drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing.

Mixed Media Sunflower Art


  • Watercolor paper (or other heavy drawing paper), cut into a square (mine is a 9″ square)
  • Oil pastels or crayons
  • Watercolors
  • Yellow and brown construction paper
  • Sunflower seeds
  • White glue


Trace and cut circles from the brown and yellow construction paper. I used a glass and small dish to make my circles. The brown center circle is about 3 inches and the yellow circle is about 5 inches. Center the brown circle on the watercolor paper and lightly trace around it – no gluing yet!

Sunflower art project

On the watercolor paper, draw some big sunflower petals with oil pastels or crayons. Use a combination of yellows and oranges, and add any details you like inside the petals. Make sure your petals go past the circle you traced in the center.

Sunflower drawing with oil pastel

Using watercolors, paint the petals orange or yellow. The pastels or crayons will resist the watercolor paints.

Watercolor resist sunflower art

Add a wash of light blue paint, or another color of your choice, to the background around the flower. Set aside to dry.

Watercolor resist sunflower art

Add some details to the brown center circle. I painted a simple crosshatch pattern with brown watercolors and the edge of a flat brush. You could draw with pastels, crayons, or markers, too.

Mixed media sunflower project

Glue the brown circle, centered, on top of the yellow circle. Cut fringe all around the yellow circle, stopping when you get to the brown center. Play around with the fringe – folding, bending, curling – until you like how it looks.

Fringed center for mixed media sunflower

Glue the fringed center onto the painted sunflower. For a finishing touch, glue sunflower seeds to the center of the flower. Use small dots of white glue to attach the seeds. So cute!

Sunflower art project with real sunflower seeds

More ideas for summer crafts:

I’m thinking a sunflower-themed art and snack time would be a fun way to spend an afternoon this summer. In addition to making the mixed media sunflower art project, we could:

Have fun creating and celebrating the happy sunflower!

Mixed media sunflower art project for kids

*Originally posted 7/11/16

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