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Muffin Tin Mealtime

I have joined the craze of the Muffin Tin Meals thanks to Muffin Tin Mom. My kids are super excited to eat their lunch. With a little creativity, lunch time can be more than just the regular old PB&J!

Muffin Tin Meal

I chose to use my mini muffin tin for our lunch. It was plenty to eat, but we did follow it with a yogurt. If the regular size muffin tin is too much for you, it’s suggested to only choose 6-8 cups for the food and put toothpicks or napkins in the remaining cups. And instead of a free-for-all on the sections of food, my kids had assigned cups, eating out of 6 cups each.

Muffin Tin Lunch

It was a hit! My kids loved this and want to eat out of muffin tins everyday! I’m happy to be spicing up mealtime.


  1. Such a great idea for kiddie parties and playdate snacks. Indian stores usually have compartmental plates for small children and even adults .So the curry doesn’t spill over!!
    I am going to pick some more up on my next trip to the Indian store.

  2. Huge hit in my house. I could hardly wait…my girls thought it was great. I posted about it on my blog and linked to yours.

  3. I think I’m up for the Rainbow Challenge that Sycamore is hosting on Monday for Muffin Tin Meals! Who’s with me?

  4. what a brilliant idea!

    I emailed you a while back about your awesome website… I finally made the switch to wordpress from blogger and I am working it out. You are an inspiration!:)

  5. Try filling in one or more muffin spaces with something healthy the kids can dip veggies into. That’s been a hit for years at our home. We haven’t used a muffin tin but we have used dips with our healthy treats.

  6. Love it! It certainly will make meal time much funner. I’ll have to wait to use this idea when my dd is a little older!

  7. I am going to post my muffin tin meal too. I am going to use it to introduce a few new foods to my boys. Cross your fingers. I am hoping that giving a muffin tin amount won’t freak them out. I am going to use one little tin for a dip… hopefully that will be encouraging too.

  8. yay! Glad you gave it a try. I think giving the kids their “own” cups from the muffin tin is a great idea. There is definitely some competitive eating at my house, especially around the fruit. Think I’ll give that a try. Hope to see you next week for our RAINBOW challenge.


  9. On a similar note, we’ve been doing lunches in scoop shaped tortilla chips at our house. It makes for some very small compartments, but I can put hummus or peanut butter inside and not have to clean out muffin tins.

  10. There’s nothing like having special tiny little compartments to make veggies look more appealing! My mom likes to serve her grandkids lunch with toothpicks. Suddenly they can’t eat enough cheese and cucumber chunks!

  11. I just saw this idea yesterday on

    My girls LOVED eating lunch that way. I only have a regular size pan, so I just gave them each 6 cups and didn’t fill them full. They always ask for homemade lunchables for lunch. So I did crackers, then turkey, then cheese, and the last one was marshmallows for dessert. They knew they had to finish one hole before they could move on to the next. I think we will be doing this regularly!

  12. Hey! Thanks for making me the blog of the week!!! That has seriously made my day…um, week! :)

    I love this idea of the muffin tin meals! My 9-year-old frequently requests “snacks for lunch”, so this is perfect! What a fun idea when other kids are over playing.

    Thanks again! :)

  13. We’ve been doing this once a week for about 4 weeks and my three year olds love it. It’s nice to sneak a new food or two into a cup. My muffin tin looks like it’s been through a war too compared to yours! I’m look forward to your post everyday and we’ve done a lot of your ideas! Thanks!

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