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Craft a Paper Punch Picture Frame

Hello! It’s Lucy here again. It’s time for us to make a paper puncher frame! These frames are super easy and make a really fun craft to do with your family. Choose any color paper you want for the frames.

Craft a Paper Punch Picture Frame

These are fun friendly frames for your kids to make. You can give one to your grandma, grandpa, or anyone you want.

Craft a Paper Punch Picture Frame

Supplies for Paper Punch Picture Frame:

  • any piece of paper
  • paper puncher
  • optional: glue, crayons, scissors

Paper Punch Frame Supplies

1. First take the paper puncher.

2. Next start punching the holes.

Punching Holes in a Paper Frame

3. After that, and you are done, you can draw a picture or glue on a photo.

Crafting a Paper Punch Frame

Now you are done. Have fun with your new picture frame!

Make a Simple Paper Punch Frame


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