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Santa Hat Paper Cones to fill with treats

We made these simple foam Santa hats before, and now we’re crafting silly Santa hat paper cones to go with it! We’re giving you a little more ho, ho, ho to your holiday season! Fill these up with holiday candy to give to family and friends!

Santa Hat Paper Cones

These silly paper cones filled with treats would make great gifts to give your neighbors. So spread some holiday cheer!


  • red craft paper
  • scissors
  • glue or double sided tape
  • cotton balls
  • black marker or black letter stickers


1. Cut your paper into a right angle V shape, with a curve at the top. How wide your angle is will create a more fat or thin cone. Here’s a link to a pattern to download and print for a template: Cone Pattern (via Hostess with the Mostess)

2. Add double sided tape to one side of the “inside” of the paper. Roll it up and form a cone shape, and press your tape to the outside of the cone to secure it in place.

3. Place a small piece of double sided tape to one side of ribbon, folding over one edge to make the end not fray, and tape it to the outside or inside of the cone. Add tape to the other end of the ribbon and attach it to the opposite side of the cone. This will form a handle to hang your paper cone if you choose.

4. Add a small piece of tape to the top of your cone, then place a cotton ball over it.

5. Add some double sided tape the bottom outer edge of the cone, and place cotton balls all around. I used about 9 cotton balls to cover the entire edge.

6. Using a black marker or your black letter stickers, add a word or phrase or design. I added the words, “ho, ho, ho” for Santa.

Now it’s ready to place in some sweets or treats. Here are some fun Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes that would be perfect to give with this Santa paper cone!

*originally posted at babycenter.com


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