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Washi Tape Push Pins

There’s only a few more weeks until Spring officially arrives and I’m already getting the itch to clean and organize everything. First up was my bulletin board. It feels nice to pull everything off it every now and then and start fresh. To make this task a little more fun I created these cute and simple pushpins.


Supplies for Washi Tape Push Pins:

  • wooden discs
  • washi tape
  • thumb tacks
  • glue gun


To get started, place a few washi tape strips on your work surface, slightly overlapping each piece of tape.


Next, carefully peel the tape from your work surface and place it on a wooden disc.



Wrap the tape around the edges of the wooden disc.


For the final step you need to attach your thumb tack to the back side of the disc using hot glue.


That’s it! These pushpins are the perfect size for little hands to use making them great for kids bulletin boards too.


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