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17 Must-Have Kids Cooking Tools

We’re heading into baking season. Are you excited?! Over the weekend I had to stop myself from pulling out a can of pumpkin puree to turn into muffins. And my kids are showing more interest than ever in helping me cook and bake. You might remember my list of Top 10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools from earlier this year. Well, I’ve had my eye on these must-have kids cooking tools, as well as some that are just plain fun.

Kids Cooking Tools:

1.  Apron–my girls go ga-ga over pink aprons with cupcakes or cakes on them and love having aprons just their size

2.  Kids Chef’s Hat–something fun to get the kids in the mood to cook

3.  Veggie Scrubber Gloves–perfect for little (or big) hands to easily scrub potatoes and other veggies

4.  Oven mitts–(maybe not practical, I’m not sure I’d let my kids get anything out of the oven yet, but maybe for when they’re a little older.)

5.  Junior baking set–with everything they’ll need to help roll out cookies, bake cupcakes or muffins, little tarts, or a mini loaf of bread.

6.  Kid-sized chef’s knife–I also like this one from Josefine Bentzen that is color coded so kids know where the sharp part of the knife is.  (I love all of her kids cooking tools.)

7. Kitchen Shears–sturdy with rubber handles and blunt edges, would be good for helping harvest herbs or other kid-sized tasks

8.  Crocodile jaw tongs–for grabbing things from inside jars or to put on a serving tray to pick up veggies, fruit or cookies

9.  Rooster measuring cup–will help kids learn how to properly measure water and other liquids when baking and cooking.

10.  Grater with bowl–also from Josefine Bentzen that shows in red where the sharp grater is.  The bowl catches what they grate.  I love the handle too–perfect for tiny hands.

11.  Robot dry measuring cups–divides into 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup measuring cups.

12.  Small cutting board–from Josefine Bentzen

 “Just Because” kids tools:

13.  Head Chefs spatulas and spreader

14.  Robot Kitchen Timer.  I  also love this Penguin timer.

15.  Goldfish measuring spoons

16.  Piggy whisk

17.  Owl Talking Bag Clip


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