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Big Hero 6 Birthday Party Ideas

The family-friendly movie Big Hero 6 has been one of our favorite to watch, over and over again! I may or may not have cried during the movie :) Baymax, the robot healthcare companion, is the most lovable character Disney has created yet. So of course, my daughter has chosen to have a Big Hero 6 birthday party. We’ve come up with all kinds of fun decorations, crafts, and games to celebrate!

Big Hero 6 Birthday Party Ideas for Games and Crafts

Big Hero 6 Birthday Party Ideas

Baymax and his fist bump is the best part, ba-la-la-la-la! For the party, I highly suggest you greet all your guests with an official Baymax fist bump as they come in the door!


With invitations and name tags, you’ll start the party off right with the Big Hero 6 theme. And add a few balloons to your decor to bring the character of Baymax to life!

Baymax Balloon Decorations: buy white and red helium balloons. Add black marker to each to make the face of Baymax. We also added red paper wings for the red balloon to represent Baymax the superhero.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Party Balloons

Baymax Goodie Bags: We made these Baymax Goodie Bags before the party began and displayed them on our treat table, but this could also be a fun craft for the kids to make as they arrive. You can follow the instructions here to make these bags. **NOTE: As we’re trying to veer away from giving party bags, these serve the purpose of holding the treats and crafts the kids make at the party so they can carry them home! Or feel free to fill them with extra Big Hero 6 goodies!

Big Hero 6 Baymax Goodie Bags for a Birthday Party

Big Hero 6 Party Invitations: On the back of your party invitations, be sure to add a small white circle sticker with Baymax’s face on it – using a black marker or crayon for the face. It adds that little touch of whimsy for your guests.

Big Hero 6 Birthday Party Stickers and Invitations

Baymax Name Tags: Just like Baymax, who always announces himself when he comes to life… “Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion”, kids can put their name or Baymax’s onto a Hello name tag. Add a white circle sticker on each name tag with a Baymax face to make it more fun.

Big Hero 6 Party Baymax Name Tags

Treat Table

Big Hero 6 Food Party Table

Of course we used almost every white colored food there was out there for our Baymax treat table. We also added other fun elements from the movie to represent some of the other characters as well!

Big Hero 6 Party Food Ideas

  • Baymax Faces – white chocolate peanut butter cups with chocolate chip eyes
  • Honey Lemon’s Chem Balls – colorful bubblegum balls
  • Wasabi Peas – be sure to mark these with a toothpick flag “spicy”
  • Hiro’s Microbots – cut up black licorice (or you could use tootsie rolls)
  • Baymax Eggs – Hard-boiled eggs with a marker of Baymax’s eyes
  • Marshmallows – all sizes
  • White chocolate candies and pretzels
  • Baymax Goodie Bags – for the kids to fill with treats and crafts from the party.


While the kids are at the party, you can have a craft table for them to make all sorts of fun Big Hero 6 crafts. Some of these can be made ahead of time and given as gifts, or the kids can make them as part of the party!

Baymax Face Mask: Make one of these Baymax Face Masks for each of the kids at the party before they arrive so they can put it on when they come. You can follow the instructions here.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Face Masks

Megabot Fridge Magnets: You can have your Megabot Magnets cut out and crafted ahead of time before the party or it could be something each guest helps to craft. You can have the kids color the megabot face they want, instructions here, then they can use small metal boards for the magnets or simply use the fridge for some megabot magnet fun.

Craft Big Hero 6 Megabot Fridge Magnets

Baymax and Go Go Frisbees: Have a craft station for kids to make either a Baymax or Go Go Frisbee. They can fly these around outdoors or you can make a game of it, as we did below in “games”. You can follow the instructions here.

Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers Craft

Marshmallow Baymax: Using all sizes of marshmallows you can find, put them in bowls on a table.

Baymax Marshmallow Craft for a Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

Add toothpicks or small cut straws for the kids to assemble the marshmallows together. You can break the toothpicks in half for smaller marshmallows. Add chocolate frosting and mini chocolate chips for the face to their own Baymax Marshmallow!

Make Marshmallow Baymax Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

Microbot Gumdrop Structures: Using toothpicks and black gumdrops, have kids assemble them together to form a microbot structure, like the microbots from the movie. It can be hard to find black only gumdrops, I found mine here.

Fred’s Monster Puppets: I love Fred’s enthusiasm for wanting to dress up as a monster in the movie. We’re bringing that to life with fun felt monster puppets. You can have the basic structure of the felt puppet made ahead of time and let the kids add the extra elements to it at the party for a craft with glue, more felt pieces, and googly eyes. You can follow the instructions here.

Big Hero 6 Fred Monster Craft Puppets


Play a game of toss, bounce, or hot potato with a “hairy baby”. Kids can be placed into teams or work together to play these games for a Big Hero Party!

Play Frisbee Target Toss: Use your Baymax or Go Go Frisbees for this game from the “crafts” section above. Make a poster board with a bullseye on it and have each child try to throw their frisbees into the target!

Big Hero 6 Frisbee Flyers Craft

Baymax Balloon Bounce: Blow up a package of white balloons and add a Baymax face with a black permanent marker to each. Have the kids see how long they can bounce their balloons in the air before they land. They can each have their own balloon to bounce or share one and help each other keep it floating.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Balloon Toss Game

Microbot Stacking Cups: Buy a package of black colored paper cups. Have the kids stack these cups like the microbots from the Big Hero 6 movie. You can tape them together to keep the structure together. Kids can make these a race with a few stacking areas or work together on one big “microbot” structure.

Hairy Baby Hot Potato: We happen to have an orange cat toy similar to the one from the movie, so we played a game of hot potato using our “hairy baby” cat!

Hairy Baby Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

I hope these party ideas help with your Big Hero 6 Birthday! And hopefully at the end of it, you’ll too be ready for a “recharge” like our day-after balloons pictured above!

Big Hero 6 Team Super Heros

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