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Making Spooky Haunted Houses

We love to make these fun Candy Halloween Houses, thanks to my sister Steph for introducing this fun idea. These turned out to be the best we’ve made yet. My son really gets into it. At first glance you may not know what he’s got going on, but there’s a story behind every piece of candy with graves, boobie-traps, and a cannon. It’s a perfect project to make with the whole family.

How-to Candy Halloween Houses:

Wrap tinfoil over a piece of cardboard for the base. Break up graham crackers. Buy lots of halloween candy. The point is to not be perfect, they are Haunted. Then use this fantastic frosting to hold it all together, on the bottom and up the sides. This frosting will hold up a real house if needed. This would be great frosting for Gingerbread houses during Christmas too. I have also seen the graham crackers hot glued first for a firm base, then use the frosting to decorate with candy.

Haunted House Frosting

2 eggs whites
1 pound Powder sugar
½ tsp. cream of tartar

Beat egg whites until stiff and add tartar and mix. Then add powder sugar and mix until creamy and stiff. Put in plastic baggies and cut the tip of the bag at the bottom corner to create a frosting bag. You can add Red and Blue food coloring to it, making it purple and more haunting. ** This is only for making houses, not for eating.

Have fun with these Haunted Houses and stay away from the real ones!


  1. Can’t wait to try these! Having a group over here on Wednesday and will let them loose. I may try to assemble some basic “house” shapes ahead of time to make sure the frosting sets. . ..

  2. I’m wasn’t sure I was going to do it again this year, but Maclaine must have seen your blog and has inspired me to do it , along with your cute pictures. I’m actually going to do this with Gabe’s kindergarten class for their Halloween party. I like the hot glue beforehand idea.


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