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Cute Craft Stick Crayons

Ready for an easy back to school craft stick crayons craft? School crafts are a great way to get kids prepared for the new school year. They can also be a fun way to help kids feel connected to their new teachers with cute teacher gifts and cards.  We love to get into school spirit with easy crafts and this simple craft stick crayon project is the perfect craft for that!

In the rush to get ready for going back to school or the adjustment to back to school routines its nice to take a break from it all and do a simple, but school related, craft activity! These craft stick crayons are super cute and your can make a whole bunch to display in the home or even the classroom! Plus they use common craft supplies so you may already have everything in your craft closet!

Craft Stick Crayons


  • Craft sticks
  • Crayons
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors


This is a great craft for using up scraps and odd sized pieces of of construction paper you have saved in in your recycle bin since you only need a few small pieces of it.

Next have them cut out a top and bottom for their crayon from construction paper. Younger kids may need help cutting out the smaller pieces. An adult can draw them out on construction paper so that the children can cut along the lines or if they are struggling have and adult pre-cut the pieces out.

Glue the top and bottom pieces onto the the craft stick. Using a black crayon have the children draw a rectangle at each end of the crafts stick. Add an oval in the center. This give it the look of a crayon with it’s wrapper on! Plus it’s a great way to practice shapes with younger children!

That’s it! Just a few simple steps and you have these super cute craft stick crayons! Make a couple or a whole box of crayons, either way they are really fun and look adorable!

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