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4 Supply Holiday Tinsel Wreath

I hope that by now you know I like to make things simple. I’m a less is more kinda gal. So I was happy to team up on a fun “doing more for less ” campaign with the new Windows Phone 7. Here’s my version of a holiday wreath using only 4 supplies to make a big crafty statement that only takes a few minutes to create.

Supplies for Holiday Tinsel Wreath:

  • a tinsel garland – any color
  • foam wreath form
  • tape
  • bells on a string or tied with thread – optional

1. Start by placing tape onto one end of your tinsel garland. Attach it to your foam wreath form.

2. Wrap your tinsel garland around and around the wreath. Using your tape, attach it at the end of the garland and press it onto your wreath. You should be able to move your tinsel over the tape once it’s secured, hiding the tape.

3. To add a few bells to the wreath, separate your tinsel on the wreath just enough to tape on the bells. Then move the tinsel back over the tape to hide it.

Now it’s ready to wow a front door with it’s fun and festive self! Super easy and only a few supplies.

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  1. More for less mean having an emergency kit in my car when I travel, and also carrying our own snacks and drinks so that we don’t have to make expensive stops.

  2. Doing more with less could be decorating the christmas tree as a family. More work done in less time, and lots of family time together.

  3. I used to check my email through a browser; a few months ago I started using an email client. Now I can check all my email accounts at the same time! That’s doing more with less!

  4. When I was a kid we always made decorations for the Christmas tree. I still remember my popsicle stick reindeer ornament.

  5. This phone is amazing! I’ll be able to get so much more done with less when I get a smart phone.

  6. I recently installed one of those “Scrubbing Bubbles” motorized shower spray-cleaners. Now my shower/tub is more clean with less effort (albeit more batteries…)

  7. I do more with less by combining my errands into one drive and trip so I save gas. An example would be going to the store, post office and barbershop in one trip, rather than going at different times of the week. This way, I can do more with the money I have because of the less money I have to spend on gas! I can probably use the money to buy better gifts for my family and friends!

  8. Doing more with less: I’m on a pantry clean-out kick. No grocery store for me until all those aging boxes of couscous and off-brand pinto beans are cooked and eaten! More pantry space and more room in the grocery budget.

  9. We watching sales and using coupons and free shipping offers for holiday gifts. I would love to give this phone to my husband for Christmas. That would be a great gift at an even better price.

  10. We are doing more with our own little family and creating family traditions and less time shopping and spending money.

  11. We do more with less by finishing all our holiday shopping waaay before the season gets underway. That way, we aren’t caught up in holiday mania or retail marketing when the gifts are being purchased, and we don’t spend as much money.

  12. I really like keeping notebooks around for ideas. It doesnt cost much and it helps me later on when I am bored or uninspired to give me new ideas

  13. Doing more for less means delegating more responsibilities to the kids so my time can be used more productively.

  14. How to do more with less? I have in my own house a soda vending machine, when I feel like drinking one, I buy one. At the end of certain period of time, I open the vending machine to recollect my profit!!!

  15. I’m not buying any new holiday decorations. We’re using the little things that we already have, and my 2.5 year old is making the rest — think paper Christmas trees and snow men, decorated with magazine clippings, and construction paper.

  16. One way we do more with less is with leftovers. Especially during Thanksgiving time. An example would be using ham for lunch sandwiches and using the leftover turkey for quesadillas or my favorite turkey and tortilla soup! Hope I win the phone!

  17. I recently chopped off 8 inches of hair, all the way up to my jawline. It’s SO much quicker and easier to do my hair now, which leaves more time and patience for all the other million things every morning. Plus, it means I can’t just toss my hair up in a ponytail every single day.

  18. I take plastic shopping bags and cut them into strips. Then I use them when quilting by pinning them over the batting so it won’t get snagged while I stitch on my sewing machine.

  19. Doing more with less sometimes means reusing grocery bags, or buying the recyclable types and using those. Saves the environment and saves the grocery stores money, which in turn saves you money.

  20. m and ms are probably my favorite more with less candy. i use them to decorate cakes, i use them in counting games with kids, and they just taste good

  21. During the holidays, we do more with less by reusing our leftovers and putting them into different foods. An example would be leftover turkey, because when we have some leftover, we put them into our homemade quesadillas!

  22. My grandmother taught me to “save steps”. During chore time around the house, always have something with you to be returned or replaced as you move from area to area and room to room.

  23. Traditional moose country do more with less- Save the moose nuggets from your yard. Shellac them and make gross gag gifts like moose nugget earrings or moose nugget swizzle sticks!

  24. Thanks to a cold snap in Oregon, I’ve been doing more work with less heat. That’s not really a good thing, but what can you do?

  25. We’re baking this year! I’m putting together cookie recipes from my mother-in-law, who is visiting from Europe, and we’ll include a pretty recipe card when we give a selection of treats as a gift. The kids are helping decorate the recipe cards with stamps and (when I’m feeling brave) glitter.

  26. My husband will kill me for saying this, but he does more with less by owning only gray socks. Seriously. He bought 30 identical pairs of gray socks. Whenever one gets a hole in it, he still has umpteen zillion other matches for it, so he doesn’t have to chuck the whole pair. And yes, he is that cheap. (Which is why I’d like to win a new phone and not buy one!)

  27. Only days away from hearing the winner…how exciting! I did more for less by shopping Black Friday sales on only things that we really needed…like new work shirts for the hubby and new sheets for all the beds.

  28. We are doing more with less by really waiting until Black Friday to buy gifts from our lists…but doing the research beforehand to know what is and isn’t a good deal!

  29. I think this has gone well! Assuming that everyone else has spent money this weekend, we’ll be fine.

  30. I make my chicken stock when I have leftover bones from roast chicken then freeze it in ice cube trays to save time when cooking later on.

  31. We do more with less (and spread the love) by extensively utilizing Freecycle – both giving and getting.

  32. This year I have been decorating for less by actually using all those things in my craft “stash.” I love the foam wreaths at the dollar store!! I make a new one just about once a month. :)

  33. Doing more for less is all about doing dishes before, during, and after thanksgiving dinner. Saves a lot of time the next day.

    P.S. happy thanksgiving

  34. More for less: Host a get together with your friends and have a clothes swap …exchange your don’t-likes and never-worns for things you can use. Everybody wins!

  35. I’ve done a lot of research regarding Black Friday deals; by planning ahead I will be able to get more gifts for less money.

  36. This might be a little too simple, but I do more with less by always having my laptop with me. Nowadays, since I’m in college, it seems like everything is being moved online, from turning essays in to math homework. It definitely helps me do more when I have free time and I have less stuff to carry around! Hope I win!

  37. I recycled the cotton batting from an old quilt and am using it as snow in my Christmas village display this year.

  38. We do more with less by making a list before we go out shopping and sticking to it.

  39. Happy Thanksgiving! During the holidays, when I’m camped out on so many deal sites, I make sure to keep an eye out for kid’s books and toys. This helps stretch my giving-to-charity budget so I can donate more to Toys for Tots, school libraries, etc. Amazon has a Flat Stanley boxed set for $7.50 now!

  40. I have always been a collector of “stuff”. I am constantly putting things I have collected away for donations. After a few months I take them to charity. I have learned that the less “stuff” I have makes it easier to clean. Less is definitely more.

  41. i love giving out coupons for watching your kids for an hour or clean your house its cheap and effective so everyone is happy

  42. Doing more for less means buying a gently used car that’s been cared for and maintaining it carefully for another ten years.

  43. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for bloggers who pour their hearts and souls into their blogs. I am especially thankful that there is a giveaway for a phone as I am in desperate need of a new one!

  44. I no longer drive to work! This week I purchased a bus pass, leaving me with more cash and the satisfaction of causing less environmental impact

  45. On the holidays, I do more with less by cutting up coupons for holiday shopping! I’m a pretty thrifty person and it saves me a lot of money every year by just finding the best deals and getting good coupons! Hope I win!

  46. Doing more with less means keeping your cars as long as possible especially when they are paid off.

  47. I make photo books online and have them ready when there is a two for one sale. I also follow them on facebook or twitter, and get email reminders so I will never miss a great sale.

  48. About 2 months ago we got rid of our cable. It was hard to do at first especially since we have 4 kids, but after a week we didnt miss it. We spend more time talking and just spending time together less time wathcing tv. Theres so much to do in a day and tv for our family was taking too much of that time away.

  49. We do more with less by periodically holding garage sales to help us de-clutter. We then use the proceeds to buy the whole family dinner at a nice restaurant!

  50. I bring snacks with me everywhere, especially while travelling. This helps avoid the low-blood-sugar rush to an awful fast-food meal.

  51. I do more with less by baking from scratch and cooking meals instead of grabbing fast food or eating out. It not only saves money, but it’s also healthier. I really need a new phone!

  52. So far, so good! I finished my husband’s Christmas shopping today and I came in right at the $100 mark we set for each other this year! More (well I guess just, the same..) Christmas joy for less money!

  53. Also, I’ve powered my Roomba by building a new battery pack from parts instead of buying an expensive new one – MORE friendly robot power with LESS money!

  54. I would surely get more done with fewer devices if I had one good one that consolidated the functionality of several!

  55. Doing more with less means creating a tight budget and sticking to it, avoiding impulse buys, and saving for rainy days.

  56. I do more by sleeping less. It is amazing what you can get done in the morning without distractions.

  57. I do more with less by using awesome phone apps. There are many useful, fun, and creative apps out there that help make life a little bit easier to manage.

  58. I read the grocery store weekly ads during my lunch break. That helps me plan out my grocery trip and gives me meal ideas, so I waste less time trying to think “what’s for dinner.”

  59. Today>>> I’m doing more with less by baking cookies that I already have ingredients for, rather than buying what I REALLY want. :P

  60. I’m doing more with less for my holiday decor by buying plain red and silver ornament balls at the Dollar Tree and using them do decorate. I’ve filled glass vases and bowls with them and added in silver bells. I used a wire coat hanger and made it a circle and glued ornament balls all around it for a front door wreath. I’m absolutely loving all my Christmas decor finds at cheap stores this year!

  61. I try to stay out of the stores unless I need something and then I take a list and stick to it. I use the internet to search for the best price before I waste gas.

  62. I am loving aluminum foil as an insulation material these days, helps me shape cakes, and keep things warm :)

  63. My family has sort of a tradition to buy holiday stuff the weeks after Christmas! This way we save money on buying all the wrappers, ornaments and ribbons compared to buying them before the season. We spend less on decorations and more on the gifts!

  64. I like to make more meals and goodies and put them in the freezer for later. It sure helps on the days that I have less time to cook… just pull out a freezer meal.

  65. I save all the magnetic business cards and calendars that are sent to me or that I pick up at trade shows. Then I tape my family pictures on them to display on the fridge!

  66. I would like to premake some main stable holiday dishes and freeze them. So you have less cooking later or if you have unexpected guests you are prepared.

  67. My more for less: Bake family goodies instead of buying storebought. Make extra and freeze for later. Do the same for meals: cook more, freeze extras.

  68. I definitely could do more to be prudent in my life, but I feel like I do an OK job! I’m certainly no crafter/sewer. But eventually I hope to accumulate the skill. Just imagine all the things I could do for less–I could make cute Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends! One day.. Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. I’m all about doing more with less by using free tools such as the Google calendar to organize my day, week, month, year…need I go on!!!

  70. My husband loves putting leftover meat with cheese and toasting it into a quesadilla. One more dinner I don’t have to worry about.

  71. I find that just cutting down on buying extra beverages is a win win – less calories, less sugar and less money! Sometimes the simple things are also the healthiest!

  72. What we (like many others can relate to) have less of this year is money. Therefore, we have decided to handmake our gifts for as many people as we can. Nightlights for nieces and nephews, hair accessories for the little girls we know, jar food crafts for teachers, coaches, troop leaders – and handmade cards/envelopes for our family. Magnets, mirrors, etc for other family and friends. The best part is that the kids are helping – they’re “making” their own wrapping paper and cards and spending time together is really what its all about – NOT about the STUFF – because its the STUFF that eventually drives us nuts!! Thinking of the lovely phone up for grabs…I have to debate with my 7 year old DAILY why she is too young to have a phone and how we will revisit the topic upon graduation from 8th grade! ((Plus, mommy has a phone that might as well have a cord connected to a wall because its a heap of nearly extinct of JUNK…for a cell phone heehee))

  73. i say, use what you already have! we buy things and many times neglect them. just look around the house & see what you’ve got before spending more money on what you already have!

  74. I have been collecting non-recyclable junk from work to re-use in projects; with zero cost, I’m definitely getting more with less.

  75. I’m making homemade granola this year. I’ve been picking up cute jars all year to give it in.

  76. My less is more comment for today has to do with my Christmas cookies – I usually make a ridiculous amount and variety. This year I’m going to just focus on a few of the favorites. Peanut Butter kiss cookies, Sugar cookies, Cornflake wreaths, and maybe one more.

  77. I do all of the chopping at one time and bag/freeze in ziplocs (onions, bellpeppers, celery, garlic). I also keep a family-contributor list where everyone adds the things we need at the grocery.

  78. I am the type of person that saves ribbon, bags, tissue paper, and boxes. So, I can do more with wrapping my presents with less money spent on doing it.

  79. My favorite gift to give is homebaked goods. When I do that I save a ton of money. But I also make extra and freeze it for later to save time. When my family gets tired of the banana bread and pumpkin bread it dries up a bit, then NO ONE wants it. Until I use it to make bread pudding! More with less wins again!

  80. I buy the expensive holiday ingredients such as fresh herbs and nuts (especially nuts) in bulk and freeze them. I do a lot of cooking between thanksgiving and christmas and this is a major time and money saver.

  81. I’m definitely doing more with less by buying less stuff during Black Friday. Every year I end up buying stuffi only use once, and show off in the holidays then never use again. I’ll have less hassle by doing less shopping!

  82. I have been preparing my own lunches more often this Fall, and it has worked well. I end up with more nutrition for less money.

  83. My favorite less is more holiday idea is to have the kids make ornaments each year. There is no sense in buying more stuff because the kids can use items around the house. Great memories.

  84. check the American Cancer Society Discovery shop for decorations – they have lots of cute stuff cheap and it’s a great cause!

  85. Love, love, love the garland wreath and the simplicity is right up my alley. Thanks for your website and the giveaway chance!

  86. I always start shopping before the Christmas season and try to stay out of stores where I find I impulse buy more than I should.

  87. My family are all adults now. There’s this unspoken consensus that we could just buy ourselves any big-ticket items we want, so we focus more on little cozy gifts and time together, which is getting rare.

  88. I become the switch witch at Halloween and trade my kiddo a cheap toy for all of her chocolate. Then I use it to make cookies and brownies for the holidays and beyond! More candy for other uses, and less sugar coma and cavities for her.

  89. I find that just using the library has helped us do so much more with less,. We get our books, movies and even tickets to local museums – I feel silly for not really utizing such a wonderful thing available to us all before!

  90. One thing my wife and I do to simplify is to make our own wreaths by buying the “premade” green pine ones, then adding our own lites. Saves 66% of the price, gets designed how we want.

  91. Calendars are a huge help. And the Outlook Quickstep is a great shortcut tool that helps me quickly create some of my common tasks, appointments, and emails while on the go. The win phone 7 will be a great mobile tool to aid in this

  92. cardboard, plain ol cardboard has always helped me. fold them into boxes, use as a make shift table, line areas for crafts. always works for me :)

  93. This holiday, I’m planning to spend less time on looking for gifts and spend more time acutually preparing for the dinner and festivities. It seems like a more appropriate plan, with more time with famly and friends!

  94. I trade childrens clothing with a friend so that the budget for clothing is lower. Childrens clothing can get so expensive and they grow so fast. We trade clothing every few months so that our kids are always well dressed for less.

  95. I have the kids gather little things and crafting supplies and then we make holiday decorations and hang them in the front window.

  96. more quality time and less stress. doing simple kid things with my son and not worrying if it is perfect!

  97. If I won this phone for my husband, he could do more with the family on the run and less time stuck at home on the computer. :)

  98. I love checking out websites that offer free or low cost date ideas. We’re trying to go out on a date every week, but it can get really expensive!

  99. This year I’m trying to spend less money on gifts, but I love the experience of shopping for my loved ones. I’ve been combing through the early-release Black Friday ads, so I get the experience of shopping and get to maximize my gift budget at the same time.

  100. We do more with less by compromising quality with quantity. We go to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas trees. You get a whole lot less tree and are limited to the variety grown locally but the tradition is so much fun and we appreciate the fun and time spent together over having the huge tree. Presents are also a big way to have more for less. We try to make as many of our gifts as possible. Less waste, more fun projects. Now if only I could make a phone!

  101. This year we are doing more with less by filling our calendar with “free” local holiday events happening in our area, in the past we have paid for expensive concerts and holiday events but this year we realize it is not ncessary and we can save lot!

  102. Our idea of less is more is not to give presents to each other. My husband and I have gotten to that age when we really don’t need or want anything. Plus where would we put it. We would rather spend the time and money during the year to go on little dates to keep the romance alive. (Going on 30 years in May) We have also tried this with our kids and asked that they perform service through out the month of Dec to each other and not let the person know who did the service. Lot’s of fun with many surprizes all month long.

  103. ive made great group meals at the end of the year to celebrate all the holidays together. everyone chips in and i cook!

  104. I try to have all of our Christmas presents purchased before Thanksgiving, so that way I spend less time stressing and more time loving the season!

  105. Hi!
    I can do more with less this holiday season by not buying bows and instead making some with wrapping paper scraps…simply curl the scraps with scissors and attach!

  106. My children will be making each others’ Christmas present. Even though they really wanted to buy something for each other, they were happy to agree to make something special that can’t be bought.

  107. It started as a gag but it is really a less is more idea (with money that is). Each year we see who can give the best gift that they didn’t have to pay for. One year it was by rebates, another year I won a espresso machine in a poker game, and this year I collected stamps at Albertson’s to get a free cooking pan.

  108. I bought an inexpensive piece of red fabric with white does to use as a tablecloth. Cheaper than a tablecloth, and it will also work for Valentine’s Day and 4th of July.

  109. I do more with less by reusing gift bags, boxes, and wrapping! I’ve got a small set of four nesting boxes that are going on their 4th year, and have already spent time in both my closet, my dads closet, and my sisters closet during the off season :) We just end up swapping back and forth when we give it back to each other. The original set cost me 4$, and it’s really cute so you don’t even need to wrap it, just tie it up with some ribbon, using even less!

  110. Less Christmas shopping means more time for everything else! By mutual agreement, my friends and family have scaled back gift giving plans this year to focus on shared activities and good food to celebrate the season. And some of that saved time can be spent trying a new technique, or using an established skill to create a meaningful present.

  111. Today’s do more with less: I go to the thrift store and find cool sweaters for about a buck. Then I cut them and serge the edges. Sew them together and make them into pillows.

  112. I do more with my family when I spend less time working long hours.. these year are not replaceable

  113. I love using coupons to get great deals on stuff. Its always great when you can do more with less money.

  114. We are only exchanging gifts with immediate family this year. No more last minute hassles buying gifts for distant relatives we see once a year.

  115. I bought all of my wrapping paper and ribbons half off last year and stored it away. That is one less purchase I have to make, which lets me focus on other things.

  116. I am having the kids use the supplies that I save “for someday” all month for the holidays. You can do more with less buying of new stuff!

  117. Doing more with less sometimes means working on the go. Which is where my laptop and a good smartphone comes in handy. Go windows phone

  118. I took some simple wood blocks and painted them and put letters on them. Now for each holiday including Thanksgiving and Christmas I can change the saying on the blocks.

  119. I craft with my cooking. And I’ve been doing more with less with my cooking. Been trying to find recipes that share some items so that I can bulk buy say frozen corn, and use it 3-4 times in a week in recipes.

  120. If I have leftover sauerkraut after cooking with it, I call up my pal Saul, and we make ruben sandwiches. Great way to do more with less with Sauerkraut Saul!

  121. I’ve been keeping an eye on Scoutmob, Groupon, etc for holiday gifts this year. I scored Falcons tickets for my boyfriend’s Chanukah present at 60% off!

  122. I also like setting up dates as holiday presents. so a day out together or a dinner made by me is a good present

  123. Our neighbors and friends will be getting an assortment of homemade confections and containers of homemade cocoa mix. They will get something we put a lot of effort and love into, but not “stuff” to fill up and clutter their houses.

  124. We do more with less by preparing for the holidays as soon as the last year’s holidays are over! We purchase all of our greeting cards, wrapping paper, and decorating supplies around January 1st, when they typically are about 70% off of the retail price. I store them in the Christmas bins with the ornaments, so that I don’t forget about them and try to buy things all over again.

  125. I am the queen of coupons! I scour the ads and find things that we need, or things that I’ve been wanting, or something we can give away as a gift, and save us up to $20 a trip!

  126. My goal is less stress this holiday season. As such, I’m doing all shopping early and online. There’s nothing more stressful than busy malls–especially the parking lots.

  127. in an effort to have less “stuff”, this giving season, i’ve decided to gift experiences rather than things. they are more meaningful, and i don’t know why i didn’t start doing it sooner! thanks for the chance!

  128. OMGeezers I love that wreath. I have to make one now. I make huge batches of instant Russian Tea because my family loves it during the cold season. So I get to keep some and give it as gifts.

  129. What an incredible idea, I am going to raid my christmas decorations for all that garland that I don’t use on the tree, all I will need to buy is the foam circle!! I love using every bit of something, most of my craft projects are small items that can be done from scraps of material!! And I was just telling a friend that the one thing I wish I felt I could make at Christmas time was a wreath. Thanks!!

  130. I simplify by making sure I divide up the food and parties for the family. I used to end up doing everything because I was particular, but now I assign everything out and don’t care if it’s “my favorite recipe.” It’s fun just to be together.

  131. I will do more with less by buying chicken in bulk from a local farm. Then I pick one day and prepare a bunch of meals to freeze. When it comes to making dinner its easy to grab a meal out of the freezer and cool in a short time.

  132. This year, it seems like everyone on my list is trying to de-clutter. With that in mind, I’m trying to buy everyone “experiences” like tickets to an event, not physical stuff.

  133. I pick up old frames and buttons or pins at estate sales or garage sales. I take the frames and insert corkboard. I glue the buttons or jewelry ping go thumbtacks. Makes an unique and beautiful gift that is cheap, quick, and easy. My friends have asked where I bought these. I just smile and nod – if they only know I had less than $1 but of all my love invested in most of them.

  134. I’m all about using lots of coupons and buying gifts ahead of time when I see a good deal. Less with more I say.

  135. I will try to use what I already have first instead of going out and buying crafting supplies right away plus I need to organize what I do have to make gifts and cards for Christmas!

  136. I really decorate my downstairs bathroom but leave most of the rest of the house very simple and clear. (But I can’t resist decorating the outside…..I love coming home to a house lit up with christmas lights.)

  137. My husband and I are instigating a $100 limit for Christmas this year–so the goal is to see how much I can get him for that little bit of money. (Can you BELIEVE $100 used to sound like a lot of money?? How does it go so fast?!)

  138. A great activity for less is go to the dollar store buy some of the solid color ornaments and bring them home to the family pull out the glue,glitter, metallic markers, stickers and have the kids decorate them. you can buy them in an assortment of sizes and give them as gifts in sets or hang them on your own tree.
    great way to spend time together and do something holiday oriented.

  139. I will do more with less by using the Dollar Store more for Thanksgiving Decorations, as well as making homemade gifts and decorated cookies as Christmas gifts this year for the 2nd year in a row!

  140. Using fruits as centerpieces in large glass vases. Its festive and afterwards you can have a snack!

  141. I do my with less by raiding clearance sections at the end of each season, then going straight home and packing it up. It’s like getting a new present the next year too because often times I’ve forgotten what all I purchased since I put it away in storage almost immediately!

  142. We got passes to the children’s science museum as our family gift from my in-laws instead of stuff for each of us. As my mom-in-law said, “It’s a gift that keeps on giving!”

  143. Doing more for less has always been my thought for the holidays. We really focus on time spent (mostly in the kitchen baking) than stuff bought. Love those memories!

  144. We are doing less store bought; and more from the heart this year. Sometimes, this is baked goods, others it is a donation in their name.

  145. Honestly, the best way I do more with less is by committing to doing less and not beating myself up over it :)

  146. I’m always all about doing more for less. I do a lot of simple crafts with kids that they can make on their own at home with minimal supplies.

  147. When I see a good deal on fun items throughout the year, I buy several of them. Then, I have a grab bag of stuff to choose from come Christmas time.

  148. More with less should really become my new motto, especially when it comes to crafting. The fewer the pieces, the better it seems to turn out.

  149. I can offer my time to help serve others, like watching my friend’s kids so she can go grocery shopping or cleaning up a neighbors yard. It doesn’t cost money, but it helps someone else, makes me feel good, and it shows I care! That certainly is doing more with less!

  150. I am making homemade gifts this year. Too much stress and the economy can put a damper on the holidays so I have decided that from the heart gifts will help my Christmas be JOLLY!

  151. I’m teaching myself to make homemade bread and other goodies in preparation for the holiday season. Most of our gifts this year will come from the kitchen to save money and stress.

  152. My husband and I have been trying to minimize the consumer side of Christmas for some years now. We put the focus on quiet meaningful time with family rather than gifts and money and everything else.

  153. Limiting the gifts from Santa to the following is really going to cut back on overdoing Christmas at our house this year: Something you want. Something you need. Something to wear. Something to read. Simplifying will make it mean more.

  154. More making my own rather than buying pre-made. It requires a bit more planning, but the results are usually WAY better. Love the wreath!

  155. I can do more with my money – by couponing over the last several years I am able to give cleaning supplies, canned goods and toiletries freely to local shelters, RMH, etc.

  156. I’ve been stashing my kids’ paintings for months – no buying wrapping paper for me this year!

  157. I think I wish is that I had bought far fewer toys and focused more on the nature/crafty activities when my kids were little. Nice phone!!

  158. Doing more with less this year means more homemade christmas presents, so we can use up items we already have (thus creating less items being stored and more space for other things (yeah))

  159. Cute wreath! I am doing more with less for Christmas this year (and really just in general) by simply buying less. I am trying to be more efficient, as well, so rather than just buying a bunch of stuff, I will buy a few key things that pack a punch and are really what people want. Money better spent. I made a lot of gifts last year, I will do that to some extent this year, but most the names we have drawn are for adult males so I am not sure what I would make them! So what I am doing for Christmas, I am actually trying to do for the other parts of the year. And, along with that, I am on a mission to simplify the life of me and my family through getting rid of everything we do not use, will not use, etc and donating to charity. That way we are all cleaned out and help others as well :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. I am doing more with less by combining coupons with great sales at stores, discount codes, free shipping codes, and codes for bonus gifts when making online purchases. I have been ables to get some really great deals for less this year for Christmas and have over half my shopping done.

  161. Fall centerpieces using squash from the garden, relatively free, and edible afterwards, even after it’s been on the table for two months.

  162. As I am currently unemployed, I do less with more by making things for people rather than buying them for example tins full of toffee, cupcakes, fudge, and cheesecake bars.

  163. As my family gets older, “things” become less important and time together more important. Last year my husband left early Christmas day to be with his family in WI. This trip was planned, but moved up a few days due to the death of his younger brother. Gifts are not important, but remembering those you love is all that counts.

  164. We are doing more with “less” this year by not buying gifts for our parents or siblings. Instead we are all pooling our money together and donating it to a cause we all feel strongly about. We will have less “stuff” as a family, but more in our hearts.

  165. I do more with my time these days. Being the home school mom of 6, I don’t have a lot to spare, but this year I opened an Etsy shop ( and begin selling diaper cakes, crochet creations, and more. I LOVE that wreath!!!!

  166. When I need a last-minute homemade gift, I embroider a design on a store-bought flour sack towel. Useful, decorative, and quick. Win, win, win!

  167. In my fiance’s family, they all shop at the $1 store for one another. That way, everyone saves money, doesn’t feel pressured to buy the hottest new thing, and are encouraged to be creative!

  168. Getting more for less I like to shop the dollar store and use coupons at local craft stores. Also I try not to over do it on decor…I love my home to feel Christmasy without being over the top.

  169. I do more with less… making toys for my 8-mo old using tupperware and popcorn kernels. Free! Instant rattle! Her favorite toy :)

  170. Every holiday season I clean out my kid’s closets and toys – we get less, but in a good way, we get rid of things that don’t fit or we don’t use anymore – and someone else gets more, we give away our things to family or friends that could use it or donate it to a charity where it will be put to good use. You never know how much one item can mean to someone else that might mean little to you.

  171. We have scaled back the last few years. One gift for the adults, and just a couple of things for the kids. We have also tried to keep meals simple. If we try something new, it’s just one thing, maybe a side dish or a dessert. The time is really about family, so keep it easy and focus on the family.

  172. This year, instead of flying our four person family down to AZ to be with the grandparents for Christmas, The grandparents graciously offered to come to our house! Saving us about $1000!

  173. This year, my family is doing more with less by focusing on spending quality time together, rather than worrying about gifts.

  174. I like to have less things and make more memories! We try to create loads of memories every Christmas and we record the. Every year we relive those memories. The Holidays are so special to our family.

  175. I will be making all the holiday outfits for my daughter and boyfriend’s children, as well as, spending more time doing activities and less time focused on the gifts the children receive. I will also be making our own stockings, teacher’s gifts, and several of the children’s gifts.

  176. Coupons baby! I’ll be getting my supplies and such for less by using coupons paired with sales (which is actually something I do all year…). :)

  177. We are doing more with less by decreasing our obligations. More time with our family, less time spent on things that does’t matter.

  178. My gift will have to come from my stash as I am out of $$$. Anyone new something great to make for my 89 year old Grandpa Jack He likes to hunt.

  179. I, too, am a fan of less STUFF for the holidays. I’m going to do a toy purge before any new toys come into the house, and try to focus on handmade gifts. I’m knitting hats for our our toddler friends.

  180. We are baking gifts for family this year. My son will turn 2 the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I’ve already made his Thank You cards – his hand print made into a Turkey :)

  181. My kids are only getting 3 gifts under the tree this year from us and one will be tickets to a performance, rather than more toys that they won’t play with anyway.

  182. Doing more for less this year will be a first for our family. My son-in-law is in Afghan and so we are getting together and baking homemade treats for him and also making him a photo scrapbook of his wife and 18 month old son to send to him…He has missed Halloween and will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with his wife and son. So while we are baking goodies, we will make enough for Family and friends as well. We are truly giving from the heart this year.

  183. This year for Christmas I am making my daughter’s (she’s 14 months) Christmas presents… the gifts are simple (inexpensive too) and I have a lot of the supplies at home, but they’ll be perfect for her.

  184. We’ve decided this year that instead of spending money on things for Christmas, we are going to spend it on events/babysitters/whatever to make meaningful memories in the year to come!

  185. Our idea for less this year is on spending and making more gifts that come from the heart. It is more memorable, personable and easier on the funds.

  186. This year my family has decided to spend time together without gifts to really truly appreciate being with each other. We’ll have dinner and relax without the usual holiday stresses.

  187. I do more with less, by buying craft projects and stuff at the end of the season on 75% off and then using it the following year. Nobody knows the difference, but my bank account does:)

  188. My favorite less is more this year is with “stuff”… less toys and more simplicity and time spent as a family!

  189. Our favorite less is more decorations is using a styrofoam wreath, marshmallows, and toothpicks. You can even add a bow if you like.

  190. I can do more…with my time…when we have less…toys in the house. When we get new toys, my kids (with my help) pick a toy or toys they can donate.

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