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Crafting a Family Album, “The Croods” Style

I am happy to be partnering up with The Croods, the upcoming family movie from DreamWorks Animation, an M&T sponsor, for today’s post. I’m sharing how to put together a fun and crafty family photo album.

The Croods family movie

We take so many family pictures and this was a great way to organize some of them together into a quick and fun family scrapbook. I took inspiration from this “first family” and their crazy adventures as I searched for how to assemble our own family picture book.

The Croods journey begins this March 2013. Our jouney began December 2000 :)

Craft a Family Photo Album

Supplies for Family Photo Album:

  • printed pictures
  • white cardstock paper
  • colored paper
  • scissors and/or paper slicer
  • natural twine
  • hole punch
  • glue stick
  • embellishments – craft paint, stickers, color markers/pens

Photo Album Supplies

To make the album:

1. Fold your large outside colored paper in half.

2. Add as many white cardstock papers as you need for your pictures, folding them all in half as well.

Photo Album paper making

3. Place all the paper together. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the bottom and top of each folded paper.

Punching paper holes

4. Thread your twine through each hole and tie a knot.

Tying Twine for a paper album

To assemble the album:

1. Pick out and print your pictures. I loved having The Croods as a guide for our family album. It’s kinda crazy how similar their family is to ours!

Printing pictures for a photo album

2. Cut each picture out and glue them onto each page.

Gluing picture to a scrapbook

3. Use stickers, markers, and stamps to embellish each picture, making every page unique.

Photo album pictures

For the campfire photo below, we dipped my daughter’s hand into craft paint to embellish this page caveman style! We love to tell stories around the campfire.

Decorating scrapbook pages

Now our scrapbook is ready to showcase on our coffee table, sharing some of our favorite family moments.

Craft a Family Photo Album

Be sure to check out The Croods, coming out March 22nd. We were able to watch a sneak preview of the movie last weekend and I can tell you I’ve never heard more adult laughter at a movie. I think we all could relate to this “first family”!

Watch the trailer and be sure to visit the official website, like The Croods on Facebook, follow @DWAnimation on Twitter #TheCroods and, re-pin great DIY tutorials, printables & more from The Croods on Pinterest!

Have fun with your family adventures!


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