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Creamy & Delicious Baked Potato Salad

My friend Pamela just shared her famous Baked Potato Salad with me last week, and I’m telling you, you’ll all be making this potato salad for every summer potluck party you go to. It’s soooo good!! It’s creamy, sausag-ey, hot and delicious.

And since I already have a few picnics lined up this summer, I’d love to know what your favorite item is to bring. What’s always a hit at your summer potluck parties?


  1. I had it bookmarked and finally tried it. It’s so yummy. I actually made it with Leek soup powder and chives instead of ranch and green onions – since that’s what I had on hand – oh and through in a little fresh dill too. I also put a little cheddar cheese on top at the end. This will be something I make again – it taste great hot and really good cold the next day.

  2. As soon as I saw this, I had to make it. I actually made it 2 ways. I left half the batch cold without the extra cooking step at the end and then I cooked the other half according to directions. I used bacon since I’m not a huge sausage fan and it was delicious. I also used 3/4 c sour cream with 1/4c mayo. The cold batch had a much stronger ranch flavor than than cooked batch. The cooked batch flavors were more mellow. My husband loved it too and said that this is a definite recipe to keep and make often. It was awesome both ways but found that I liked it most cooking it and then eating it cold the next day! Thanks so much!!

  3. I made this for our annual bbq yesterday and I didn’t even get any! It went that fast! Everyone raved, though, so I’m assuming it was really good…

  4. Thanks for sharing all your great dishes. You’re all making me wish I had a potluck picnic this weekend!!

  5. I always bring a homemade fruit salad. It sounds simple and boring, but I think people really enjoy something cool and juicy to go along with the hot dogs and hamburgers on a hot summer evening.

  6. I usually bring broccolli cheddar salad… everyone loves it and its such a yummy way to get the green veggies into a bbq.

  7. That looks incredible. I love to take pasta salads, fresh fruit kebobs, potato salads (I prefer a vinaigrette based one as opposed to a mayo based one), ice cream sandiwches and brownies….yummy!

  8. Oh…another pretty easy dessert that I’ve made is taking Swiss Cake Rolls (2 boxes of the Little Debbie type cakes) and cutting each one in six circles, laying them face down in a 9 x13 baking dish. I usually cover the entire bottom and sides, reserving the chocolate that falls off for later. Then, make 2-3 packages of instant Fudge Chocolate Pudding (I like the Jell-o brand) according to package directions, pouring it on top of the cut swiss cake rolls. Spread Cool whip on top and sprinkle with the leftover chocolate shavings. Refridgerate 2-3 hours before serving. It makes a great dessert that not only tastes good, but is pretty, too! I also get lots of compliments on it and it’s so easy!

    P.S. I found it’s easier to cut the swiss cake rolls if they’ve been in the freezer for a bit…keeps them from squishing together when I cut them!

  9. Oh my goodness…that looks delish! I might try it out tonight!

    If you’re in a rush and need something quick and easy to bring somewhere, try baking brownies and putting chopped up Reeses cups on top while they are still warm! I know this sounds way too simple, but I’m telling you, it is sooooo good and I’ve had so many people compliment me on it. It usually makes me laugh because it’s such a ridiculously easy thing, but people love it. ;)

  10. Thanks Marie,
    This is such a yummy salad and easy to whip together for any summer BBQ! You won’t be disappointed.

  11. I’ve made an apple salad a few times, and everyone loves it. It has cool whip and pudding in it, along with chopped up apples and snicker bars. Drizzle with caramel sauce, yum! Make sure you label it though – so no one gets surprised by peanuts in the snickers.

  12. Wow! This looks incredibly delicious. I will be making this one very soon.

    My biggest potluck hit is actually a dessert. It’s a blueberry pie dessert with graham crackers, vanilla pudding, cool whip and blueberry pie filling. I always get requests to bring it.

  13. The picture of that potato salad is making me hungry! Yum!

    My favorite potluck dish is a pasta salad! I use a large bottle of the Original Wishbone Italian dressing, with a cooked box of Rotini pasta and then stir in chopped fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden! A little salt and pepper, chill, and you are ready to party!

  14. that looks so yummy! the biggest hit for me is sliced up watermelon…so easy and it ALWAYS gone when we leave the picnic…

  15. That looks delicious! I make a Mediterranean potato salad that is SOO yummy, and what I call “Confetti Salad” that is like a salsa with corn and black eyed peas…. Those are always HUGE hits!

  16. wow, I’m taking this to my next barbeque; I usually take a red potato salad w/dill and green onions, but this looks so good.

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