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DIY Place Card Holders for a Thanksgiving Table Setting

Do you set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving each year? If you are looking for place card ideas, we’ve previously shown you how to make turkey place cards, fall watercolor place cards, and autumn leaf place cards. Now we are showing you how to make pinecone DIY place card holders.

pine cone place card holder for Thanksgiving

Pinecone DIY place card holders

Did you know that pinecones fall to the ground during the fall months? This makes Thanksgiving the perfect time of year to add natural elements to your Thanksgiving table. Go for a walk with the kids and collect pinecones to make these easy DIY place card holders.


  • Pinecones
  • Spray paint – we used gold, but you can use whatever color will match your tablescape
  • Sealant
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clamps, memo clips, or paper clips
  • E6000 glue (optional)
  • Table name cards

supplies to make pinecone place card holders


The first step is to tape off the pinecone if you want to paint just one section as we did. I really like the look of keeping some of the pinecone natural, but you might want to spray paint the whole thing, and that’s fine too.

how to color block paint a pinecone

Using spray paint, cover the exposed section of the pinecone. You will probably need at least two coats of paint. Set it aside to dry, and then spray a clear sealer over the top because you don’t want flecks of paint or pinecone on your napkin or tablecloth.

pine cone color blocked with gold paint

Once the pine cone is completely dry, attach the clips or clamps to the top. If they don’t sit on top easily, use the E6000 glue to hold them in place.

Now you are ready to add name cards to each.

Table name cards

You can purchase table name cards online or in stationery stores. If you want to print your own though with names that are typed instead of handwritten I recommend Canva. They have plenty of free name card options that are really easy to customize. You can see the ones I made below and how I was able to change the colors. You can also change the typeface and remove or add details too.

Thanksgiving name place cards

Put your tablescape together and either place your pine cone place card holders on top of the place setting or directly on the table.

diy thanksgiving place card holders

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