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DIY Robot Hats – Bee Boo Bop

Today’s project will have you doing a robot dance over how easy it is! Just like all the hats I make, I start with a band of cereal box cardboard sometimes painted (or in this case covered) and then I punch holes in the side so you can tie the band together around your head, similar to these metallic cardboard bracelets. Today we will be making robot hats using the same concept, except instead of cutting the band into a shape, we’ll leave it as a rectangular band and cover it in aluminum foil. Sound fun? The kids will love it! Let’s get to it!

DIY for Kids Robot Hat

DIY Robot Hats

For this project you’ll need just a few simple supplies and most of them you should be able to find around your house.

Supplies for DIY Foil Robot Hats:

  • cereal box cardboard
  • aluminum foil
  • glue stick
  • crayons
  • hole punch
  • markers
  • yarn
  • paper (card stock, construction or copy paper)
  • round label stickers (optional)


Step 1:

Cut out the side strip of cardboard from a large cereal box or just cut a strip the length of the height of the cereal box and about 3 inches wide.

Step 2:

Lay some aluminum foil on a surface and lay your cardboard strip on top.

Step 2 Robot Hat

Step 3 :

Cover the cardboard strip with aluminum foil using a glue stick to affix the edges as you fold them.

Step 4:

Once you have covered your cardboard strip in foil, punch a hole with a hole puncher in each side of the strip.

Step 4 Punch Holes

Step 5:

Begin designing your robot hat. Robots have lots of buttons so draw different colored buttons and squares for the robot hat control panel. We drew square and circle shapes but we also used office supply (circle )label stickers. Color your button shapes and/or outline them in marker.

Step 6:

Cut out all of your button shapes then glue them onto your robot hat in whatever design you wish. Have fun and get creative with this part! We outlined all of our shapes in marker for a finishing touch!

Step 6 Add Buttons

Step 7:

Tie yarn through each of the punched holes then tie the robot hat around your head! You are now ready for action! Put on some music and show everyone your best robot moves!

Aluminum Foil Robot Hat for Kids

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