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Adorable Gift: DIY Washcloth Purse

I have the cutest DIY gift to share with you! These washcloth purses are not only adorable, but practical, too! The purse is made with a washcloth and hair accessories, and even hides a bar of soap inside. The purse only takes about 10 minutes to make, so you could easily make a bunch for birthday or Christmas gifts. Kids could definitely help make these, too – they would make perfect party favors or gifts for friends!

DIY Washcloth Purse - fun gift for kids!

DIY Washcloth Purse

Choose the recipient’s favorite colors for the washcloth, hair elastic, headband, and clip. You can often find fun, inexpensive soaps with seasonal or other designs. I recently found the snowflake soap in the “stocking stuffer” section of the store.


For each washcloth purse, you will need:

  • washcloth
  • small bar of soap (wrapped)
  • pipe cleaner (same color as washcloth or headband)
  • hair elastic
  • headband
  • fancy clip with a flower, bow, etc.

With the back of the washcloth facing up, fold each side of the washcloth to the center. Place the bar of soap centered on the folded washcloth.

Washcloth purse with soap inside

Fold up the bottom of the washcloth, covering the soap. Lay the pipe cleaner right above the folded part. I used a short pipe cleaner, but a long one works fine, too.

How to make a washcloth purse

Fold down the top of the washcloth, creating a flap.

Craft a washcloth purse that holds a bar of soap

Pleat and gather the top of the folded washcloth and secure with a hair elastic. You should see the ends of the pipe cleaner sticking out of both sides.

Cute washcloth purse gift idea

Now, fuss with the washcloth a bit to spread it out and make it look nice. Just make sure the hair elastic stays above flap, keeping everything secure.

Washcloth purse DIY gift

Next, use the pipe cleaner to attach the headband for the handle. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the ends of the headband, then tuck the ends back inside the washcloth.

Washcloth purse with headband handle

Almost done! Grab your fancy clip and attach it to the hair elastic on the front of the purse. So cute!

Washcloth purse gift - fun for Christmas or birthdays

You could also tuck different things inside the washcloth purse, instead of the bar of soap. Things like travel-size lotion or body wash, lip gloss, small tissue packs, and even gift cards would fit nicely inside. Such a fun and unique way to give something useful!

DIY Washcloth Purse Gift

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