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Dude, We’re Shredding Down the Half Pipe

I love to snowboard. It’s my winter sport of choice (love these Utah mountains)! So today’s Winter Olympic Game is throwing a few tricks on the Half Pipe!

Crafty Half Pipe Olympic Snowboarder

Dude, We’re Shredding Down the Half Pipe

Supplies for Snowboarding on the Half Pipe:

  • paper tube – empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper tube
  • white paper
  • tape
  • pipe cleaner

To make the half pipe, cut your paper tube in half lengthwise, then cover it with white paper and tape it around. My son added a little yellow piece of paper to act like the stand where they wait at the gate before they go.

Winter Olympic Crafts for kids snowboarding

For our snowboarder, we made it out of pipe cleaner like our Figure Skaters, see that post for details. Then we taped on a small straight piece of pipe cleaner to it’s feet as the board. Now it’s ready with an impressive grab for the judges!

Winter Olympic Games For Kids Series
We’re celebrating the Winter Olympic Games all week. To see more fun and sporty activities, check out the Winter Olympic Games for Kids series. Go for the GOLD!


  1. So cute! I was trying to think of something to do with my little guy related to snowboarding, so this’ll be fun. We’re going to maybe try an activity related to skiing later today. Thanks for sharing all your Olympic ideas. They are darling!

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