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Embroidery Hoop Valentine Art

This project has got to go in history as one of my least expensive crafts ever! And one of the quickest to make, too. Here are my instructions for a fun Valentine’s decoration that won’t break your budget and you can actually finish before the big day!

Embroidery Hoop Valentine Art

Embroidery Hoop Valentine Art

Supplies for Embroidery Hoop Art:

  • Embroidery hoop, any size (mine was 8″)
  • Piece of fabric just larger than hoop (I used muslin)
  • Scraps of paper
  • Scissors or heart punch
  • Sewing machine & contrasting thread

Embroidery Hoop Valentine Supplies


1. Punch or cut 3-4 hearts from scraps of patterned paper. I cut my hearts free hand, but you could trace a template or cookie cutter. Iron your fabric if you want (I left mine wrinkled for more of an antique effect).

2. Lay your hoop on top of your piece of fabric. Arrange hearts inside the hoop. Using a little tape or scrapbooking adhesive, secure hearts in place. Try putting adhesive on sides of hearts rather than in the middle–you don’t want to gum up your sewing machine needle with glue.

3. Using a contrasting thread, sew a straight line down the middle of all the hearts. Don’t look too closely at mine–it’s not that straight. If you’re worried about it, use a ruler and a pencil/fabric pen to draw a light line down the center before sewing.

I bent the edges up a little to give it some dimension.

4. Separate the hoop pieces. Lay hoop on top of fabric again, centering the hearts. Take the inner hoop and push it up into the outer hoop from the back. Tighten the screw on top. Pull fabric tight. Trim around the edge.

5. Hang on the wall! I grouped it with a couple of other pieces I made using the same papers. See my blog for the how to Valentine wall decor on the other pieces in the grouping!

Embroidery Hoop Valentine Finished Product

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