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3 Family Games to Play with Candy

We’re having a little fun playing games with some sweet treats. We’re turning wrapped candy into game pieces as we play with candy and a few simple games before we get to eat the prize!

3 Family-Friendly Games to Play with Candy Pieces

We’ve partnered with Hi-Chew candies for today’s family game time. Are you on the “Hi-Chew Train?” We’ve loved these candies for a long time, but apparently they’ve only been in the US since 2008! They are the #1 candy in Japan, and offer so many great flavors with real fruit juice and no artificial colors. These Hi-Chew candies are just what we need to getting a little silly for game night.

Crafting with Hi-Chew Candy

3 Family Games to Play with Candy:

Hi-Chew Candy Crafts

Play Jenga:

Play Jenga with Hi-Chew Candy

We used the larger candy packs for this game, making sure there were enough to stack them by 3’s. The original game uses 51 blocks to stack, we had 48 packs to build ours. Stack your packs by 3, switching direction for each layer. Once you have them all set, try to move one piece at a time from somewhere in the bottom or middle area, then re-stack it on the top, building up your Jenga board. See how far you can stack them, playing until someone’s block makes the whole thing tumble!

How to Play Jenga with Hi-Chew Candy

Play Dominoes:

Playing Dominoes with Hi-Chew Candy

We opened up a few of the Hi-Chew packs to create domino pieces from the individual wrapped candies. Line up your pieces in any line you’d like, spacing them about an inch apart. Then tip one over and watch them fall on top of one another! Note that these pieces aren’t quite as heavy as regular dominos, so they might need a little tipping help throughout the line.

Setting Up Hi-Chew Candy Dominoes

Play Stack-em’ Up:

Playing Stack em' Up with Hi-Chew Candy

Build these candy pieces into tall towers. As these candies do have wrappers folded on one side, they are a little more unstable, but that was part of the fun, seeing how many they could stack before they fell. My girls were racing to see who could build the highest tower before they all fell. My youngest got one of her towers to 15 candies high!

Kids Play Stack em' Up Game with Candy

We also played with our candies just like blocks. My girls had fun for another 30 minutes or so simply playing with their wrapped candies to build with, making towers and designing cool shapes out of them! There’s tons of fun to be had. Then of course, open a few up for a little sweet treat!

Thanks to Hi-Chew for sponsoring this post. Be sure to visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for more information and inspiration.

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