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Foam Brush Painted Butterflies

Spring is known to bring on the creepy crawly things, but best of all… butterflies. We love to watch them as we walk through our park, or even in our backyard. We’re bringing these beauties inside with some of our art. We’re using our foam paint brush to make simple and sweet butterflies.

Kids Craft Foam Brush Painted Butterflies

Supplies for Foam Brush Painted Butterflies: 

  • paper
  • craft paint
  • paper plate and newspaper
  • foam paint brushes
  • puffy paint in black

Foam Brush Butterfly Painting Supplies

1. Set up your painting station by adding a squirt of paint to a paper plate.

2. Dip your foam brush into your paint.

3. Press your brush onto your paper and wiggle or swish it back and forth. This will make a bow-tie look, giving our butterfly it’s wings.

Painting Butterflies with Foam Paint Brushes

4. With your black puffy paint, draw the center body of the butterfly and it’s antenna. You could use a marker or crayon for this – but wait until the paint dries completely.

Adding Black Puffy Paint to Foam Brush Butterflies

Now they’re ready to display. You could cut each one out and hang them for a mobile or glue them onto a card. Have fun painting beautiful butterflies!

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