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Graham Crackers and Milk

Growing up, graham crackers and milk was the best treat around. Now my kids are loving it as much as I still do. This is the simplest snack out there.

Pour a glass of milk. I choose skim to keep down the pounds. Which percent of milk do you pour yourself?


Then get out a wrapped package of graham crackers, break them into sections, and start dipping. Be careful not to let it soak for too long. I have had to go diving in the milk for a few lost crackers.



  1. My mom used to take graham crackers and smash them up with milk, so it was almost like a thick soup. Doesn’t look too appetizing, but it’s delicious! We called it “graham cracker mush” and I still make it sometimes when we have graham crackers lying around.

  2. My favorite snack as a kid was when my grandmother would spread on apple butter. We would break the graham crackers into two squares, spread apple butter, top with square to make a little sandwich. Put in the fridge to soften. It’s best when it’s been in the fridge for about 30-40 minutes and it’s a little crunchy but soft too! We kept them in the fridge and ate on them for a few days!

  3. Hey! We used to do that too, only we sandwiched peanut butter between two graham crackers before dipping them in the milk! :) So good, and one of the few ways I would enjoy peanut butter growing up. I can’t have them anymore because I have to eat gluten free. (Well, I might be able to find a recipe for graham crackers, but it would no longer be an “easy snack”.) :(

    But yes, try it with peanut butter sometime. :)

  4. Mmmm, I love “grammies”, sometimes we serve it with yogurt. I would use a piece of the graham cracker as a spoon!

  5. Cass – Bummer that Graham crackers are not in Australia. We also dip our Vanilla Wafers or Teddy Grahams or any cookie in to milk. Maybe someone can send you some from the US.

    Shannon – I know

    Christy – Kool-aid?

    Liz – The cinnamon dipped in milk would leave some really good Horchata milk left over to drink, yum.

    Hope – Good choice.

    Kelsey – Interesting about the 1% and I ditto your Blech for whole.

    Aimee – Teddy grahams with a spoon sounds good. Especially the chocolate kind.

  6. hey, we do this we the little teddy grahms; we put them right in the milk and eat them out with a spoon; then drink the milk with a fun straw. it was an idea on the back of one of their boxes; yum.

  7. I choose 1% – I used to drink skim but my mom went crazy because apparently there is some vitamin in milk that requires fat to be absorbed. I guess she thought I couldn’t live without that vitamin so I switched and have gotten used to 1%. I appreciate that my mom is so concerned about my health! I’m also nursing and so I could use a few extra calories here and there. And I’ve just gotten used to the taste. I accidentally drank some of my husband’s whole milk the other day, and BLECH! 1% is just perfect!

  8. It’s ironic that you should post about this today because just last night Brett and I had the munchies while we were watching a movie and can you guess what our snack of choice was????

  9. I love the cinnamon grahams myself – with a tall glass of skim milk. (Both my kids still drink whole milk though.)

  10. I used to have this as cereal. I’d break them all up into little bite size bits. Yum. If I had graham crackers to dip, I liked to use cherry Kool-aid. That may have been my kid taste buds because now that doesn’t sound that great.

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