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Halloween Mod Podge Magic

Oh, the world of Mod Podge. It is truly crafting magic. You can glue, seal, and finish all in one. You can turn something plain into something pretty. I made a Boo Board to hang for Halloween using the magic of Mod Podge.


First, I chose a square wood piece (you could use any shape or size of wood here). I stained the edges with brown paint mixed with water, because I didn’t want the natural wood look. Then I cut my orange Halloweenish paper to the exact measurements of the top of my wood piece.


Then I applied Mod Podge to the wood surface as a glue and pressed on the paper, aligning it to match all four sides. I let this dry completely, about 20-30 minutes.


I then got out some black stickers and spelled the word, boo. You could do anything here. You could type something out from the computer with words if you don’t have stickers, or even an image like a ghost (test a sample of the paper from computer ink, it could smear.)


Next, I put a sealing coat of Mod Podge over the whole block, paper and sticker letters. Let this dry completely as well.


Now you can leave the Boo Board as is, or attach ribbon to it to hang. I hot glued black ribbon onto the back with a bow at the top to hang.


Have fun decorating and getting ready for Halloween. I am sure there are more fun Mod Podge projects that can be had for a Happy Halloween.


  1. Question for Modge podge lovers. I have had pretty good luck sealing my bread dough ornaments with Krylon, but lately the spray has been bothering me. Would modge podge work on bread dough ornaments? Most of my bread dough recipes contain salt, flour, water, and ofttimes corn starch and/or cinnamon. I even tried one “no bake” that uses a dab of vaseline (or glycerine, which is too pricey). I had trouble with the no bake and don’t think even Krylon would save that one, but the baked versions get quite hard. I often add food coloring directly to the dough. Would modge podge make a good sealer after they are baked? After they are painted? Between layers of paint??
    Thanks for any info.

  2. With this inspiration, I created my own little version of this cutie. I would not have come up with the idea had it not been for this post. Thanks!

  3. This is adorable and something so my style! Sweet and simple. I think I’ll make this this year. This might be a silly question, but where did you purchase the wood? It looks beveled.

  4. great idea! i’m so not happy with all the halloween decor i’ve seen at the stores this year. this is totally cute, though and i will be digging out my modge podge tonight!

  5. so cute. i have to admit, i’ve always been a bit intimidated my mod modge, i don’t know why… but it’s scary! maybe this will push me over the edge?!

  6. I love this, Marie! I also adore modge podge. I remember running out to Mac’s to buy some after I saw Martha make something on her show–I was in junior high, I think. Anyway, I think this is great! I think it would make a great gift!

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