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Helping Kids Stay Hydrated with a Cute Crafty Cup

Guest Post by Allison of How Does She?

We are awe struck by all the things amazing women around us do. From balancing a healthy lifestyle, to throwing the perfect party, to implementing creative ideas with family. We always seem to be asking, “How Does She do this, or How Does She do that?” While none of us is perfect, we all seem to be striving to become better.

We are featuring Marie over on HowDoesShe? today because she has answered the How Does She?… question!

So…on with the post! An easy fix to a hard question! How Does She get her kids to drink more water?

“Mom, can I have Orange Juice, milk, apple juice, Capri sun, or Kool- aid?” Ask my kids.

“How about pure, fresh, clean, refreshing water?” I reply with a wonderful smile on my face.

“How about chocolate milk?” They reply.

This is the never ending conversation during the warm summer months at our house! Most kids know that water is pure, fresh and healthy, but how do you convince them that it is good? how to get your kids to drink more water

They’ve got fun squishy colorful bottles of liquid sugar screaming for their attention at every soccer game, grocery store and…grandma’s house! So high fructrose corn syrup…we are going to take you down and win the battle to increase our water intake!

YeA! for water. YeA! for ice. YeA! for making drinking water fun. By starting with the boring cup it’s in.

how to get your kids to drink more water

I ran to the dollar store and went to their wedding section. They had a 5 pack of elevated water cups for…a buck! Plastic! They had champagne glasses and wine glasses, but I’m dealing with young kids. The taller the glass the more likely it will get spilled.

how to get your kids to drink more water

I also grabbed some foam shapes. My daughter was with me and she wanted the flowers. It’s a good thing my boy is only 2 and doesn’t care, but they had some fun soccer balls and some squares so you could make your own shape.

how to get your kids to drink more water

Fold in half and cut about 1.5 inches

how to get your kids to drink more water

Fold the other way and cut another 1.5 inches

how to get your kids to drink more water

It should look similar to this…

how to get your kid to drink more water

Insert the bottom of the plastic cup into the slits

how to get your kid to drink more water

Decorate. I even made one for me:) MOM=WOW!

how to get your kid to drink more water

My little guy is trying to get the cup into the flower. He is trying so hard! He just woke up from a nap so he has total bed head, but it was fun to watch him think and solve the problem of getting the cup into the slits!

how to get your kid to drink more water

Tada! Take that…fancy drink pouches.

“This looks funner to drink out of .” Direct quote from my 5 year old!

how to get your kid to drink more water

Here is the proof that it worked from a toddler who will never drink water…ever! My 9 year old is convinced that the water does taste ‘sweeter’ out of these glasses!

Yea for warm weather and for getting my kids to drink more water!

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  1. I like the idea! Anything to make kids more excited about good things is great :D

    Also, when your kids want juice, either 100% natural or otherwise, or iced tea, lemonade, etc, water it down a bit. I find that orange juice tastes just as good with a little extra water, maybe an extra 2 oz to a 8 oz glass. Not only does it lower the calorie to liquid ratio, it also stretches the cost of the juice a bit :)

  2. That is really cute. Last year we decided water was the only choice through the day. We have at least 18 kids within a 3 house radius on our street and there is a constant flow of kids in our home. I made sure everyone had a personalized plastic cup and there was always a pitcher of water. It work GREAT!!! and kept me out of the kitchen.

  3. I have this same issue, so I was very excited when my daughter picked out a mini water cooler for her birthday. My girls love pouring their own water out of the cooler. I just keep little cups near by. Letting them squeeze a little fruit in water is helpful, too.

  4. Looks like fun to me. We take a much less creative way in our house. If they are thirsty, they drink water. I know it sounds harsh, but the same rule applies to my wife and I. The kids get milk at each meal, but they have grown up with water and love it. They even get their own now since our son is tall enough to reach the water dispenser in the fridge. If you start early, drink water is just normal.

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