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Kids in the Craft Room: Where to Craft

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share a new video series I’ve been planning for months! I’ve called it: Kids in the Craft Room… as it’s just that, getting kids in the craft room. I’m very passionate about kids and crafting, and hope to bring them together with this series. With my background as a teacher and a mother, and having written my first kids craft book, I’ve found crafting can spark creativity and imagination in children. There are so many skills they are learning from crafting. It’s such a great outlet.

So in comes this series, getting kids in the craft room. This first video is an introduction and shares a little about where we craft. Each week I’ll be sharing tips and tricks of the kid crafting trade! I’ll hopefully be able to show how simple it can be if you’re informed and prepared. Really, anyone can craft with kids. Whether you’re the parent or caregiver, you’ll find simple tips to get started and keep kids excited and engaged.

**Join me next time where I’ll be talking about basic kid craft supplies!

And I’m thrilled to share my sponsor for this first video in the series Consumer Crafts. They have all kinds of art and craft supplies for jewelry, scrapbook, kids crafts and more. They couldn’t have been a better partner to work with as they’ve got all of my favorite goodies for kids and crafts.

There are craft kits, basic supplies, and a fun blog sharing all kinds of ideas at Crafts Unleashed. Make sure to find them on facebook as well!


  1. Most of my crafting lately has been in our family room (knitting). I have a craft room, but it’s in another part of the house, I haven’t had a lot of time to craft (toddler in the house) and the craft room is a disaster area right now.

  2. I craft in my basement because it is quiet and peaceful and helps my creative juice flow easily….thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  3. My kids adore crafts and that special time with mom. We craft at the kitchen table or outside if the weather permits.

  4. In our craft/class-room. We are a homeschool family, so the room serves for both. My daughter crafts while I read aloud the chapter books.

  5. At the kitchen table with my kiddo, or in my sewing room when I’m by myself.

  6. We do most of our crafting at the kitchen table. I is large and has plenty of room for myself and my 4 kiddos. I have subscribed to your newsletter. Thank!!

  7. We craft at our old kitchen table in the basement/playroom. It’s right next to some old built-in shelves to hold our supplies.

  8. what a lovely gift. I enjoy doing crafts with my gd’s. They really don’t get that at home due to thier mom is not a crafty person.
    we used to craft in my computer room or the kitchen table, then I moved. Now we sit up a table in the Living room where we can craft.

    I’ve done all but gettng a M&T’s buttons for a blog since I do not blog. If I did I would.
    I love your site to get ideas from not only for my gd’s but for my sunday school class, and ideas to just try out on my own.. Keep up the great work.

  9. i have a craft room, but its pretty small. so when i do something with the kids, i usually move stuff to the kitchen table.

  10. I came across your website via a FB sweepstakes you are running and found out YOU are the author of Make and Takes!!! How cool, I had gotten it out of the library months ago…soooo cool!

  11. It depends on the craft. My kids and I do lots of things at the dining room table but we also have a sewing room for others :)

  12. We craft in the kitchen, living room, outside, and at gramas we try to do it when we can and were ever we are. And I will share on pinterest.

  13. We craft EVERYWHERE!!! Dining table, living room floor, bedroom on the bed. You name it!

  14. We craft in the office – the kids have a work table that they do their homework on crafting. We have all our supplies in this room, so they don’t go far for anything.

  15. My boys and I craft in the living room on their little tikes table. I would really love to win this, Thanks!!!

  16. I have the open area at the top of the stairs as my sewing area/office. With the kids we are usually at the dining table or on the kitchen floor (depending on mess level).

  17. We craft mainly in the family room but also in the dinning room, backyard and just about anywhere we see fit. I would love to win this giveaway, my mind is already spinning with new craft ideas. :) My craft buddy is 2 and a half and LOVES our craft times!

  18. We put our old kitchen table in my sons room. Now it’s covered with paper, glue, tape and crayons!

  19. With seven kids, we craft just about everywhere! We store most of our supplies in our “school room”, which is actually just a room to walk through. We have a very large kitchen table where the majority of our projects take place and a good-sized sewing area for my oldest daughters and I. But there are days when the littlest one is fussy or I’m worn out or the day is a bit stressful, we craft in the living room. I have a large sheet of vinyl that I cover the floor with and we get busy.

  20. We craft pretty much anywhere–which is wonderful for creativity, but also means that there are times I find my daughter’s room a spider web of yarn…

  21. We craft at our dining room table. I got a buffet from a yard sale, painted it, and it houses all our supplies.

  22. A few years ago, we bought a craft table that has bins for storing craft supplies. Needless to say, it surely serve its purpose. We are always at the craft table doing something.

  23. My grandchildren and I usually craft at the kitchen table. Once I finish my Craft Room, we will craft there.

  24. I keep my craft supplies in a big box in the closet and we craft at the kitchen table or on the back deck.

  25. I try to send the kids to their playroom table–but they usually need my help. So we almost always end up at the kitchen table.

  26. Nothing better than the kitchen table for crafting! Thanks so much for the chance to win. If we win we will be donating to our new youth program at King Memorial Baptist Church.

  27. We craft mostly at the kitchen table but also at an old kitchen table that found a new home in the kids’ playroom. Saved it just for that reason!

  28. I craft in my craft room, dining room table or living room depending on the craft. I am also fortunate that I get to craft at work.

  29. We generally craft at the dining room table but if there is a lot of painting or it’s large, we go to the garage.

  30. We craft in our garage and on our dining room table. We use all kinds of fun things ti craft with. Its a great way for my girls to put their imaginations to work. Thanks.

  31. Small Crafts-Coffee Table
    Big Crafts-Dining Table
    Extra Large and Messy Crafts (on sunny days)-Patio it is
    Crafting is fun with kids no matter where it is

  32. We craft wherever we can (we call them projects), the dining table, the basement floor, a hotel room, on the bed, it depends on where we are at the time. My grandchildren are loving learning and getting to think up their own ideas and I LOVE being able to do it all with them. Thanks for having a great giveaway.

  33. We craft on our dining table. But I also have little tables next to the computer so that draw or what not while I type.

  34. Depending on how messy the project is, we’ll craft in the dining room (where I normally craft) or the kitchen, where there is a tile floor. :)

  35. We craft at the kitchen table because it’s got a vinyl tablecloth on it at all times :)

  36. we do our crafting at the kitchen table. I have a storage unit drawer set the I keep craft supplies for the kids to us when ever they have a creative [or bored] moment

  37. We craft wherever it makes sense: painting in the kitchen to be near the sink (and on easier to clean floor!), crayon/marker at the easel, and when there’s lots of “stuff” we’re usually at a little fold out table on the floor so we can spread out but still have a table surface.

  38. We work on crafts wherever there’s an open space! We either use the dining room table or just sprawl out on the floor!!

  39. We craft at the dinning table. Wish I had enough space to have my own crafting room.

  40. We craft at the kitchen table. This would be great for the little one to get her involved.

  41. I craft on the livingroom coffee table or floor mainly. I have a small desk but it’s too little to sprawl everything out.

  42. Usually the dining room table but have been known to take it to the patio and even to grandchildren’s hospital beds!!!

  43. We also craft in the kitchen, so they both fit and then their cousins or friends can join us! thank you for the chance to win some goodies that will make them very happy

  44. we craft where ever the mood takes us , the craft table the dinning room table, the floor…

  45. My son has a craft table that is where we usually do things but sometimes he uses a breakfast tray in the living room or in the office.

  46. Cute video! I love when she makes a funny face at the camera. . . I’m so excited about this series! Can’t wait to see what is next.

    We craft at the kitchen counter and at the dining room table. . . either way as long as we have my trusty, Target oilcloth tablecloth underneath we can glitter, glue, paint and color to our hearts delight!

  47. We craft in her playroom. I’ve set up a kid’s table and some low shelving with craft supplies ready and organized. That way, even without me, she can grab whatever she’s feeling like using and make her own creations. It works out really well! She’ll often take out her sketchbook and markers, or stamps and glitter glue, and surprise me with a shiny mermaid drawing while I’m cooking dinner. I couldn’t agree more with you about all the skills that crafting together has fostered in my little 3 y/o.

  48. We have a craft room and a craft table in a more accessible area to craft together. My DD also has her own cupboard where **her** supplies are stored.

  49. Our family does crafts anywhere, but ALWAYS on top of newspapers. I prefer to craft at other folks houses, but that’s just me.

  50. We craft at the dining room table or at the table on the back patio, when it’s nice. The back patio is better for dealing with messy stuff :)

    Thank you for the giveaway

  51. We craft at the dining table and art easel. But we just bought an unfinished wooden table and chair set just for our crafts. As soon as we paint it, it will be ready for crafting! My daughter is excited to have a space designated just for crafts.

  52. We craft at the kitchen table, or out on the deck, depending on the project! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. We craft outside a lot on a picnic table. My kids are pretty young so it keeps the mess out of the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. we craft (or I should say my daughter basically) EVERYWHERE!!! but we’re supposed to craft in the school room at the craft table! She would love this!

  55. We craft either in our playroom or at the dining room table. I am working on making a craft ‘station’ out of our old tv stand/armoire that doesn’t fit our new tv. I have gotten a great start but just need some time to finish it up and seperate/organize everything.

  56. We craft wherever we can. I have one son who thinks the idea of crafting is boring, but when we just do it spontaneously without a lot of talking about it, he always seems to enjoy it.

    I also started to follow on pinterest.

  57. I craft at my kitchen table – we have a small 1 bedroom apt and that’s all the space I got right now!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. We USUALLY craft at the kitchen table, but sometimes it overflows to the coffee table, the floor, and even outside! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  59. We craft wherever we find room – dining room table, on the floor, outside, all over!

  60. We craft on the floor, mostly, in spite of the 2 craft tables we have (kid- and mama-sized).

  61. We craft lots of places: outside on the patio, at the dining table, on the kitchen floor, in the car…where-ever and whenever we can, pretty much!

  62. All my supplies are in my craft room but I tend to craft at the dining room table. What a great giveaway!

  63. Well, I keep my craft supplies in my “craft” room but me and the kiddies craft at either the dining room table or their kiddies table!

  64. We craft at the dining room table. I bought an old table off of Craigslist and I don’t care if we color over it. That said, when we have guests, I just throw a tablecloth on!

  65. We craft in the kitchen nook (hidden behind an old wood stove in the main kitchen so guests can’t easily see the mess). :)

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