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13 Magical Science Experiments for Kids

We’re jazzed about these magical science experiments we’ve been seeing all around and we know you’ll love them too. Use up all your senses as you explore each of these experiments made of magic! They are all about diving in and getting seriously silly about science. There’s mixing, growing, shaking, and swirling!

13 Magical Science Experiments for Kids

13 Magical Science Experiments for Kids

1. Rainbow Marker Coffee Filters: It’s so amazing to watch the colors travel up the coffee filters! Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

Make Rainbow Marker Coffee Filters - cool science

2. Frozen Silly Putty: You won’t find putty more sparkly than this! Find the tutorial over at Paging Fun Mums.

How to Make Frozen Silly Putty

3. Dancing Raisins: Did you know that raisins can dance? This experiment is guaranteed to amaze your kids! Find the tutorial over at Buggy and Buddy.

Dancing Raisin Science Experiment

4. Making Butter and Whipped Cream: Every kid should try making their own butter! This is a fun project to do in the kitchen together. Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

Making Butter and Whipped Cream for a Science Experiment

5. Glitter Sensory Bottle: These glittery sensory bottles are relaxing for kids and adults alike! Find the tutorial over at See Vanessa Craft.


6. Fizzy Sidewalk Paint: Why play with regular chalk when you could play with fizzy sidewalk paint? Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

Fizzing Sidewalk Chalk via 101 Kids Activities Book

7. Lemon Juice Mystery Messages: This invisible ink is so mysterious- and you can make it at home with lemon juice! Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

Lemon Juice Mystery Messages

8. Make GIANT Bubbles: Bubbles so big, a kid can fit inside! These are the perfect activity for a hot summer day. Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

How to Make Giant Bubbles in a Kiddie Pool

9. Crystal Snowflakes:It’s so amazing to watch as the crystals appear! Find the tutorial over at Little Bins for Little Hands.


10. Celery Science Experiment: How do plants drink? Do this experiment with your kids to find out! Find the tutorial over at Coffee Cups and Crayons.


11. Erupting Play Dough Volcano: This play dough volcano actually erupts! Find the tutorial over at Make and Takes.

Homemade Volcano with Baking Soda and Vinegar

12. Make Frozen Bubbles: You can actually hold these frozen bubbles in your hand!  Find the tutorial over at Housing a Forest.

Frozen Bubbles to Make in Winter

13. Ice Block Sculptures: Turn a block of ice into a piece of art! These are so gorgeous! Find the tutorial over at The Artful Parent.

Make Ice Block Sculptures

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Have fun getting silly with science!

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