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Make a Family Summer Bucket List

We are officially ready for summer and so excited to show off our Summer Bucket List! We’ve shared how we got started and where we found inspiration for our list. Now we’re putting together our display, ready to get started.

Make a Family Summer Bucket List

Once again, we’re happy to be partnering with Post-it Brand on this summer of fun. We used their new Post-it Brand World of Color collections to help make our board a success. I love the Marrakesh Collection with the colors of the rainbow!

Make a Family Summer Bucket List

Make a Summer Bucket List with Post-it Brand

Summer Bucket List Display


Make a Family Summer Bucket List with Post-It Notes


We used a black marker to write down all the items on our list for summer. Since we chose 25 activities, it worked out to have 5 ideas for each color.

Writing Ideas for a Summer Bucket List

My girls used crayons to decorate each Post-it Note as well, giving them a little action!

Coloring Ideas for a Summer Bucket List

Since our house is limited on space, I chose to display our board onto the back of our front room closet. I added a “To Do” and a “Done” area to our display. It will really help us see what we have done this summer and what we will still need to do! Happily this Post-it Note collection is “super sticky” to help these stay up on our door all summer long, even as we rearrange them to our done area!

Making a Summer Bucket List with Kids

We arranged each Post-it Note in a fun rainbow display, making our summer bucket list exciting! My kids are determined to get them all done. Which is great with me, as that means they are excited to get up and get going, adding to the routine and schedule that summer still needs!

Crafting a Summer Bucket List with Post-it Notes

Here are 25 ideas for our Summer Bucket List: 

1. Backyard tent camping

2. Try slack lining

3. Ride our bikes to the Farmer’s Market in town

4. Visit a new playground around the city

5. Nighttime glow-in-the-dark frisbee toss

6. Collect a jar of sea glass from our local beach

7. Have a sleepover with cousins

8. Have a snow-cone down at the water

9. Go blueberry picking

10. Have a backyard dinner party

11. Take the family fishing

12. Visit Remlinger Farms

13. Learn Spanish – we love to use the app DuoLingo!

14. Take the family to Duthie Hill for mountain biking

15. Visit the Arboretum

16. Spend the day at Golden Gardens beach

17. Go to the pool at night

18. Roast s’mores over our backyard fire pit

19. Ride the ferry to Bainbridge Island

20. Make homemade pizzas

21. Visit at least 3 donut shops around town – taste test :)

22. Try a new fruit or veggie from the Farmer’s Market

23. Watch the sunset

24. Watch the sunrise

25. Collect sea shells

How to Craft a Summer Bucket List

Happy summer to you all!

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Family Outdoor Summer Bucket List

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