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Mint Oreo Cookie Smoothies

Every time St. Patrick’s Day comes around, we’re always thinking of GREEN things we can make! And even though this smoothie turns brown when you blend it, it’s made with our favorite green minty OREOs!!

Mint Oreo Smoothies for St. Patrick's Day

This is a quick drink you can serve for a sweet treat. With only 2 ingredients, you’ll have a yummy dessert to serve in no time!

Mint Oreo Cookie Smoothie Recipe:
yields 2 servings

  • 2 cups milk – any flavor of milk, coconut tastes great
  • 10 Mint OREO cookies – which ends up being a whole row

Mint Oreo Smoothies Ingredients

Add your ingredients to your blender. If your blender has a smoothie setting, that’s the one to use. Otherwise, blend for 30-40 seconds on medium-high.

Blending Mint Oreos and Milk for a Smoothie

Pour into 2 glasses and your mint OREO cookie smoothie is ready to sip! You can also add a few more crunched up OREOs for a topping!

Mint Oreo Smoothie with Mint Oreo Topping

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