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My Baby is in LOVE with Babies

Everywhere we go, my baby is saying: “baby” (or “huh huh” as she’s not quite talking!) But she let’s me know where all the babies in the grocery store are with a pointing motion and a smile. Since she’s so happy looking at babies everywhere we go, I came up with a fun DIY Magazine Baby Book she can look at home or in the car.

Supplies for DIY Magazine Baby Book:

  • old magazines, preferably parenting magazines
  • scissors
  • small photo album, available at most stores for a couple dollars near the frames
  • small paper and glue stick for the cover

With this photo album, it let me take out the cover. So I slid it out, glued on a piece of paper and wrote “Baby Book” on it, giving it a title.

Dig out your old-saved-for-crafting magazines from your craft room, you have a pile of these, right?! Flip through the pages and cut out pictures of babies and toddlers. I tried to find a few with actions, like laughing or bath time, etc.

There’s a few ways you can add them to your photo album: 1. cut each picture to match the size of your photo album, 2. glue them to another paper to slide into the album, or 3. simply put them in the album as is!

Once you’ve got all your photos in place, hand the album over to your baby to go “ga-ga” over… literally!


  1. I took the same type of brag book & made a phone book for a young one in the family. Just inserted colored index cards w/ all the info {person’s name, address, birthday, where they worked-not just the work number}. She was just learning about phone books but now every year we update it & she leaves it in her bookbag. Also took the same book & put pix in it of things I had 4 sale that didn’t sale at my yardsale, so that when I was talking to someone I could just whip out the pix & not have to take my camera w/ me everywhere. I like rubber stamps, did the same w/ that. Took a pix of my stamps & leave that brag book in my purse so I can know if I already have that stamp or no when I am out shopping.

  2. My baby would be kissing all the babies! He loves kissing pictures of babies. I may have to make this for him. He gives the best kisses!

  3. Wonderful idea! I have made baby faces flash cards before for my children and for day care kids. This is a fun activity for mom too! Thanks.

  4. Instead of buying a photo album, try sewing together different size zip lock bags with a pretty ribbon as the binder. They are easy to clean, and cheap to make! I use the gallon size ones with my two year olds, they place food items out of the weekly ads to help mom at the grocery store. Gives them cutting skills, and helps mom keep them busy while shopping.

  5. I did this with my daughters. I was sorting through my photo box and found her nametag from when she was born in the hospital. So that is the cover and I filled it with pictures of her and the family. It was such a hit that I made another for my 3 year olds birthday. They take them everywhere! Great idea!

  6. My 3-year old is obsessed with our 3 month old. I will do this with our family pictures and then maybe our baby will get a break from her sister being in her face all the time. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. I love this idea. I’ve cut out pictures before and glued to cardstock or construction paper, laminated them, then put them together to make a book. But what I really like about this idea of yours is that you can change the pictures from time to time. Maybe even find seasonal pictures, etc.
    I’m going to have to get these things and get several of these made. Think I’ll even make some for the church nursery too.

  8. this is awesome! I have been thinking of doing an album for quite some time for my baby filled with pictures of all our family and friends (out of town ones too so she learns who they are)

  9. We did a similar thing for my little one but we used the pics of the babies in the Halloween costume catalog, so it’s filled with babies dressed as lions and peapods. My son, whose 6,glued it and gave it to the lil one for Christmas.

  10. Petit Elefant and Sarah – Yes, perfect. I love the ideas for your own family pictures or for animal pictures. These book ideas are endless. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. What a cute girl! This is a great gift idea for my baby – I think I might do it with baby animals – she LOVES animals.

  12. Marianne – What a great idea for this type of book helping someone with Alzheimers. Thanks for sharing!

    Melanie – My baby sits and stares and studies these babies, it’s sooooo funny!

  13. You baby too, eh?!
    My little guy is 16 months old and is obsessed with babies. He knows there is a new baby next door and all day long, he points to the window to where the baby lives and says, “bayeeeebeeee” and then does the sign for gentle on his face. It is too cute.

    What a super idea to make a baby book.

    I’ve made books of him with his Daddy when he was a baby. He is still too young to realize that the baby is him, so he just says, “baby” when he points to the pics, but a book all about babies, what a super duper idea. Thanks :)

  14. I absolutely love the picture of her checking out her new book. She is studying it so intensely!

  15. My daughter is 11 months and is obsessed with babies and kids. I need to make her one of these pronto. Funnily enough, my mom made one of these books a while ago for my grandmother. She has Alzheimers disease, and while she doesn’t remember anyone around her, she still adores to see babies. She will sit and look at her “book” for hours.

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