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No-Carve Spider Web Pumpkins

Do you love the idea of decorating pumpkins for Halloween but hate the messy “guts” part? Maybe you are looking for something different from the traditional look? Do you want something that will last WAY beyond the Halloween season {and for years to come?!} Well – skip the messy carving tradition and start thinking outside the box with this No Carve Spider Web Pumpkin option this year!

No-Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

With just an airbrush machine and a little imagination – you too can pull this SIMPLE look together in no time! We’re partnering with Testors® Aztek® airbrush machines to make our no-carve pumpkins. 


So what are you waiting for? Don’t be frightened – these pumpkins are super easy to whip up and I hope you are inspired to make your own today too! Happy crafting and decorating your home in Halloween tricks & treats, my friends!!!

Supplies for No-Carve Pumpkins:


First you will want to make your spider web design with the washi tape. Make sure ALL your edges/tape is really pressed down on the foam pumpkin.




Now get your air brush hot and ready! Using the sprayer – spray black paint ALL around {and on} the washi tape design, making sure it’s really covered.


You can of course cover the entire pumpkin with paint but I decided to make the area around the washi tape really dark and have it fade from the sides. You are more than welcome to do whatever your crafty heart desires with this step!

Once you have the coverage you like, set your pumpkin aside for about 30 minutes to allow the paint to dry completely.



Once the paint is dry, you are ready for the final step! Simply peel away the washi tape to reveal the spider web design underneath. At this point you can add touch-ups if needed OR add other embellishments {think glitter, rhinestones or even some plastic spiders.}


Once you are happy with your design, go ahead and display it proudly!!!



**Thanks to Testors for sponsoring this post. Be sure to visit them on facebookpinteresttwitter and YouTube for more inspiration. Testors products are available nationwide at all Michael’s Craft Stores as well!

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