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Patriotic Banner Painting for Preschoolers

Get into the Fourth of July spirit with this patriotic painted banner. With big red and white stripes and a fun polka-dot star, this project is a fun way for young kiddos to create some American flag-inspired artwork. My three-year-old especially liked the Q-tip painting!

Paint a patriotic banner for the 4th of July!

Patriotic Banner Painting for Preschoolers

Before you start painting, look at a real American flag or a photo of the flag. Talk about the colors and shapes that you see, then get ready to create your own flag!


  • 1 sheet of large white paper (we used 12″x18″ construction paper)
  • 1 sheet of blue construction paper
  • red and white washable tempera paint
  • large paintbrush
  • Q-tip
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • scissors
  • ribbon, yarn, or twine

Using a large paintbrush and red paint, paint stripes across the white paper. There’s no need for the painted stripes to be perfectly straight, just encourage your child to leave some white space in between the red stripes.

American flag painting for preschoolers

While the painted stripes are drying, you can work on the big blue star. Cut a large star shape from the blue construction paper. Using a Q-tip and white paint, make polka-dots all over the star. Let dry.

Patriotic banner craft for kids

When the striped paper is dry, cut one end to a point. To make a pocket for the ribbon, fold back 1-2″ on the opposite end of the paper, but don’t secure it quite yet.

Making a painted patriotic banner

Glue or tape the star in the upper corner of the banner, or wherever your little artist thinks it looks best! To make the hanger, turn the banner over and lay a piece of ribbon or yarn along the fold, then fold down and secure the pocket with double-sided tape. Tie a knot in the string, and your banner is ready for display!

4th of July patriotic banner art project

I think I’ll hang our patriotic painted banner on the front door for a festive decoration this July. Have fun celebrating and crafting with all things red, white, and blue this Fourth of July!

Fun patriotic banner craft for kids

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