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Make Pipe Cleaner Apples

Kids Crafting Pipe Cleaner Apples

We’re crazy for apples – making, baking, eating, crafting! So many fun things to do with apples. We’re crafting these cute Pipe Cleaner Apples to have some fall time fun!

Pipe Cleaner Apple Kids Craft

Here are just a few of the activities you can do with your new Pipe Cleaner Apples:

  • Gift these to a teacher. They can hang them all over the class room.
  • Hang them on door knobs around the house.
  • Tie twine to the stems and hang them from the mantle or bannister.
  • Play a fall ring toss game with empty glass bottles. This would be fun for a carnival game!

Kids Craft Pipe Cleaner Apple

Head over to About.com to see my step-by-step details on how to make these super cute apples!

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