With the Kids

Poppy Flower Craft

In honor of Remembrance Day I wanted to come up with an easy poppy flower craft to try with the kids. The poppy flower is a flower connected to remembrance.This craft can also be used for Veterans Day. Both holidays are on November 11th and are observed to remember those who have served.

Poppy Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

I searched through my craft supplies and found cupcake liners and craft sticks. I knew these could make a simple yet pretty Poppy Flower Craft for us to make. While we worked on the craft I told the kids we would make our flowers and set the on the window sill to remember all the brave men and women who fight to keep others safe. We could remember this every time we looked at our flowers. I just loved how they turned out and so did the kids.

How-to Poppy Flower Craft

Supplies for Poppy Flower Craft:

  • red cupcake liners
  • green craft sticks
  • black paint
  • glue

supplies for poppy craft


  1. Take the red cupcake liners and fold the opposite way.  This way the red side shows for the craft.
  2. Squeeze out a little black paint on a paper towel or paper plate.
  3. Let the kids dip their finger in the black paint.
  4. Now they can make a fingerprint in the middle of the cupcake liner.

how to make a poppy flower craft with kids

5. Squeeze some glue on the tip of the green craft or Popsicle stick and place the cupcake liner on it and press.

6. Leave until dry.

7. Place in glass jar with ribbon.

cupcake liner poppy craft for Veterans Day

Now we have these pretty flowers to look at in the window! Here are 5 More Easy Poppy Crafts to Make!

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