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Printable Bandage Tag for Teacher

I like to bring a little something to parent/teacher conferences with me. Some cookies, a few supplies, whatever. This year I’m bringing bandages for the class cupboard!printable teacher tag bandaid 5

It’s something I know the class will use, and it won’t break the budget. Plus, I do not think it is even possible to say “thank you” enough times or in enough ways to the fantastic teachers and educators who help my kids. essay writing service

printable teacher tag bandaid 2

This Printable Bandage Tag can be taped or tied onto a box of bandages. It says, “Thank you for all you do. Here is a little first aid for the first grade”. . . or second grade. . . or third grade all the way to sixth. There is even one that says, “Here is a little first aid for the best grade” for Kindergarten because we all know that’s true!

printable teacher tag bandaid

Each tag exists on it’s own page of the pdf so just print the pages you need.

printable teacher tag bandaid 4

Perfect for any occasion to give something to teachers: back to school, parent/teacher conferences, teacher appreciation week, or just because.printable teacher tag bandaid 3

Download the Printable Bandage Tag file here: Printable Bandage Tag

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