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Pumpkin Pie Glass Etching

I’ve shown how to do glass etching before, but here is a new way to decorate a pie plate for the Holidays. Because you just can’t have Thanksgiving with out pumpkin pie. You can’t!


For this pumpkin etching, I found a pumpkin image on the computer and printed it out. Then I traced the image onto contact paper. Then cut out the inside image, leaving the pumpkin as the hole. Follow the directions from the post about glass etching and you too can have a beautiful pie plate ready to be filled with your delicious holiday pumpkin pie.


  1. I have done this but the heat of the dishwasher and oven wear it over time…have you found that problem? I don’t want to bother doing more if that is the case, I feel bad for those that got them as gifts… any solutions to that?

  2. I want to do this, too! What a cute gift for Fall. I’m sure you could purchase pie plates for fairly inexpensive, make a couple of these and bake up a pie to give to the neighbors. I just might do this!

  3. Great work!
    We do high definition etching, and when we do solid etchings, we have sometimes had problems with hot spots. Do you ever experience that?

  4. Esther, I have never found a pie plate without a label. I just try to find ones that have a really little one. That pie plate shown has a label that is “Pyrex” but it is pretty small. I once bought glass pans that had a very large label, from Walmart, and I took them back when I found smaller Pyrex labels at Target. The etching shows through the label and you can’t really tell.

    Good luck with etching. I hope it works for you. Feel free to comment with anymore questions.

  5. I love your website. Where did you find pie plates without a label printed on them? I’ve tried everywhere.

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