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Sewing with Kids: Felt and Fabric Flowers

I had my hand-sewing basket sitting out the other day, which reminded my girls that they hadn’t sewn anything in a long time. We had to remedy that, of course! So with spring on our minds, we decided to make some flowers using our (over-flowing) bin of fabric and felt scraps. Sewing buttons is fun, and a little bit challenging, so this is great work for little fingers and sewing with kids.

Sewing felt and fabric flowers with kids

Sewing with Kids: Making Flowers


  • colored felt scraps
  • fabric scraps
  • buttons
  • colored embroidery floss
  • large needle
  • scissors

Supplies for felt and fabric flowers


This is a very open-ended sewing project that your kids (and you!) can be creative with. The flowers are made of felt and fabric layers, stacked and secured with a button center.

For the flower layers, cut two or three shapes to stack. We experimented with regular circles, scalloped edges, fringe, cloud shapes, and other free-form organic shapes. Each flower will be very unique!

Crafting felt and fabric flowers

To secure your flower, sew a button to the center, going through all your layers. We used colored embroidery floss and a large yarn needle to attach our buttons.

Kids flower sewing project

Depending on your kids’ experience with sewing, you may need to be the needle threader and help with the sewing. You could even skip the sewing and use a low-temp glue gun to attach all your pieces together.

Sewing felt and fabric flowers

My girls had a great time selecting just the right combination of colors and patterns for their flowers. This is a great project for any small scraps of felt and fabric you might have around the house.

You can use your finished flowers for so many things: attach them to clips or headbands, sew or glue onto a long ribbon for a bookmark, or glue a pin on the back for a fancy flower brooch. They make adorable magnets for your fridge, too.

Felt & fabric flower magnet

My girls ran off with their flowers and used quite a few to decorate the pen and pencil cups on their desks. A little bit of masking tape seems to be holding them in place just fine. So cute!

Decorating pencil cups with felt flowers

Have you done any hand-sewing with your kids? What do they like to sew?

Happy crafting with your kids!

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