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Silly Pop-Up Monster Cards for Dad

From toddler scribbles to stick-figure family portraits to poetic odes to Dad, homemade cards from the kids are such a sweet part of our Father’s Day celebration. This year, we’re making some silly pop-up monster cards for a father’s day gift. My two-year-old loves making the monster’s mouth open and close, and I know he’ll love giving a monster card to Daddy. The pop-up mouth technique is fun to make, and can be used to make any type of creature.

Silly Pop-Up Monster Cards


  • White card stock or heavy paper
  • Colored construction paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape

Pop-up monster cards for Dad

Here’s a step-by-step for making the monster’s pop-up mouth. It’s not hard – I promise! Teach your older kids to do this part, or prep the cards ahead of time for the littles.

Pop-up monster mouth card

Step 1: Start with a piece of white card stock (we used half-sheets, 5.5″ x 8.5″). Fold the card stock in half, then draw a line on the fold. This is where the monster’s mouth will be, so you can center it, or make it higher or lower. Cut along the line you drew.

Step 2: Fold two triangular tabs, one up and one down, from your cut line.

Step 3: Fold the tabs back down and unfold the card.

Pop-up monster card steps

Step 4: Push the tabs down, creasing well.

Step 5: Refold the card with the tabs inside.

Step 6: Open the card and check out your pop-up mouth!

Since we’re making monsters, you might want your pop-up mouth to have teeth. Draw and cut a zigzag line instead of a straight line, then follow the same steps to create the pop-up.

Pop-up monster mouth with teeth

Draw a monster body around the mouth. Add eyes, horns, arms, legs, spots, fuzzy hair, or any other silly details you can think of. Color your monster with crayons or markers.

Drawing a monster with a pop-up mouth

Now, choose some colored paper for the outside of the card. Cut the paper to size, fold it in half, and glue the monster paper inside. Make sure not to put glue on the mouth!

Embellish the front of the card with Happy Father’s Day or another message or design of your choice. Look at those cute little monsters hiding inside the cards!

Father's Day cards with pop-up monsters

You could also add a fun monster phrase inside, such as “Love your little monster!” or “Monster hugs & kisses!”

Not into monsters? Use this same technique to make a bird, frog, fish, or another favorite animal. Have fun crafting a special card that’s sure to make Dad smile!

Silly Pop-Up Monster Cards

Fun pop-up monster cards for Dad!

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