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Thanksgiving Turkey Headbands

Cute and colorful turkey headbands are perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. These are fun to make in a classroom setting, as I made these with my daughter’s school class. Or they are just the activity for the kids to make and wear as a project on Thanksgiving! Make one for everyone at your dinner table!

Thanksgiving Turkey Headband Craft

These are even cute on moms… gobble, gobble!

Thanksgiving Turkey Headbands

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate Headbands


  • paper plates cut in half
  • brown paper strips – 18×2 inches
  • brown paper squares
  • orange paper
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • stapler

Festive Paper Plate Turkey Headband Supplies


1. Cut out a large circle out of the brown paper square. With crayons, decorate the turkey’s head, use the orange paper for a beak. Don’t forget the red waddle!

Colorful Paper Plate Turkey Headbands

2. Color the paper plate any way you want. Using scissors, cut the paper plate along the edge about 1/2 inch apart and 1 inch in, to represent the turkey feathers.

Cute Turkey Headband Crafts

3. Staple the turkey head to the bottom middle of the paper plate (you can also use glue).

4. Staple the paper plate turkey to the long brown strip of paper.

5. Measure the strip around the child’s head and mark it with your fingers. Pull it off their head and staple it in a full circle for the headband.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Headbands

Now it’s ready to wear for Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!

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