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The Perfect Neighbor Gift: Mason Jar Cupcakes

These jars full of cupcake goodness are about the best thing I’ve seen this side of anywhere! I would LOVE to get this on my doorstep. Maybe Kelly of According to Kelly wants to send me one all the way from California! Such a cute idea, love the ribbon and spoon! Head on over to Kelly’s for the details.


  1. Please, please, please post this recipe! It looks sooo yummy, I NEED TO KNOW! ;)

  2. This is exactly what I will be doing today! Looks so yummy and such a great idea for a quick gift. Thx for sharing and for the details :)

  3. Is it 2 whole cupcakes jammed in there with the frostin inbetween??? Need more info pretty please!

  4. My hubby made these for me for my birthday back in March. I saw it on another blog and thought it was the cutest idea! Besides, I feel much less guilty eating TWO cupcakes if they’re served to me together in a jar.

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