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Tissue Paper Tree Ornament

I love making homemade ornaments, as you can probably tell by the number of Christmas decoration projects on my page. Adorn your Christmas tree with beautiful handmade ornaments made by you and your loved ones. Hang our easy-to-make tissue paper tree ornament on your tree for generations to come, give them as gifts to friends, or use them to amp up your holiday wrapping ideas.

Tissue Paper Tree Ornament

Supplies for Tissue Paper Tree Ornament:

  • Green craft stick
  • Golden thick card stock paper
  • Golden pipe-cleaner
  • Green or red sparkly pom pom
  • Lots of tissue papers in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue


tissue paper christmas tree-2

Cut out a simple triangle from a thick cardstock using scissors. I used gold, but you can use any color. I loved how little sections of the gold would peep from between the tissue sheets and catch the gorgeous Christmas light.

tissue paper christmas tree-3

Now this is the fun part. Tear the tissue papers into small bits. Get your toddler involved too. Kids just love tearing up the papers and this is a fun fine motor activity for kids too. We tore up pink, blue, orange & green.

tissue paper christmas tree-4 Now start rolling each piece between your palms to form a rough mini ball. The shapes don’t really matter, but they should be tight. Gather all your paper balls at one side. Again, you could sort them by color if you like.

tissue paper christmas tree-5

Using glue ( you will need a stronger glue like a glue gun or PVA) start lining your paper balls in a straight line till the whole triangle is covered.

Tissue Paper Tree Ornament

Finally, wind the golden pipe-cleaner around the tissue paper Christmas tree. Glue in place. Add the green pom-pom on the top of the tree. Doesn’t it look fab there? You could also add a star ornament or sticker on the top.

Using the same glue, stick the craft stick at the back of the ornament to make the trunk.

String a twine at the top and hang it on your tree or use them as gift tags. This project is perfect to make with younger kids. If you have older kids at home, try the craft felt stitched Christmas ornament.

Using the same technique, you can make different shapes, maybe Rudolph with a pom pom red nose or even a snowman.

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