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Toasty Fire Pit

A hot dog is not worthy of eating unless it’s cooked over a flame. Slow roasted and bubbly! Thanks to our little Fire Pit, we are enjoying lots of roasted treats.

I grew up with a real “hole in the ground” fire pit and couldn’t wait to get my own. Eventually, we’d love to make a pit in the ground too, but for now, this little portable fire pit is great. It keeps us toasty and roasts our dinner.

I like to put all my supplies on a tray or jelly roll pan. Don’t forget the wet wipes for cleaning chocolaty s’more faces! I get messy.

Here are a few things we like to roast:

  • Hot dogs of course.

  • Marshmallows – Jumbo are best, but I even roasted a line of mini’s last week. There’s also the coconut and strawberry varieties.
  • S’mores – I like to melt my chocolate first in the microwave, then spread it on the graham cracker, placing my hot toasty marshmallow on top. I could eat a thousand of these.
  • More S’mores – Use Fudge Stripe Cookies for the smore instead. Or Kit Kats are a great chocolate substitute.
  • Doughy Biscuits – I learned this from my sister Nan. Wrap a Pillsbury biscuit around your stick and slow cook it over the fire. Then dip in melted butter. Yum.

  • Tinfoil Dinners – I haven’t tried this on our little pit yet, but these are fun to make. Place your raw ground beef in tinfoil, with cut carrots and potatoes. Then wrap twice in tinfoil and place on hot coals. Turn once or twice.
  • Candy – My nephew and nieces were putting Starbursts on their sticks and getting them super soft and chewy. Thanks Glausers!

What are your roasting this Summer on your Fire Pits?


  1. We call those “inside-out” s’mores POOPY DIAPERS!! LOL!! I thought our family had come up with an original idea … apparently not, but I’ll bet we gave it an original name! :o)

    What’s really fun is the look on friends faces when we’re all sitting around the fire and one of the kids says “mom, can we make some poopy diapers?” Hehe!!

  2. Traci – You make a great point about the firewood. We’ve been using this extra cut wood that I got from my dad and I’m sure you’re right that it’s treated. So, we will be making sure to use real fire wood. I appreciate the comment!

  3. I do love your site. So inspirational! What a great Mommy. I have to say the wood in your pit scares me……(crazy lady I know). My husband works for Lowe’s & the chemicals that the lumber is treated with, you should not breath it when it is burned OR eat it! Most all lumber is treated with something you would not want you children exposed to in it’s burning state….please choose real “fire wood”

  4. Moon Pies! Oh, yum!!!

    Wrapped Dogs – Take one of those biscuits and wrap it around your hot dog. Put over the fire until the biscuit is golden brown.

    Banana Boats – Take a banana and cut down the middle. Don’t remove the skin. Fill with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Wrap banana with aluminum foil. Stick a skewer through it and heat over fire.

  5. I’m liking the biscuit idea! When we go camping we like to bake potatoes (in foil) in the hot coals – makes the best tasting baked potato you ever had! Sausage in foil in the coals is also!

  6. I’m loving all the great Fire Roasting ideas. I have heard of the “orange cupcakes” but have yet to try them. And I will definitely be testing out the Twinkies!! M&Ms inside marshmallows could be a real hit too.

    Such fun and creative campfire eating. Thanks for all the great comments.

  7. What great ideas! We used to make the doughy buscuits all the time at our cabin. We called them doughboys. Yum! We would always put my mom’s strawberry freezer jam and butter down the hole once you take them off the stick and eat them hot. I am drooling right now, just so you know ;)

  8. We love roasting things over a pit too… We like to to put a peanut M & M inside a marshmellow and melt it.. yum… we tried making inside out somemores by using little gram bears inside the marshmellow with the M & M… it worked fairly well… but mostly we love the M & M inside… Yum… Happy roasting :)

  9. Great summer ideas! One other fun thing in foil is orange cupcakes….one orange per person and a vanilla or yellow cake mix.

    Cut off a small “lid” from the orange, and scoop out the insides…
    Add some of the crushed orange pulp to the cake batter if you want to, and put enough cake batter into the orange rind to fill it a little over half full. Put the lid back on, and wrap in heavy duty (or two layers) of foil that is big enough to bring the corners up to the top and twist so it looks like a big Hershey kiss. That is how you know which side is the top! Then, careful to keep it upright so the batter doesn’t spill, “bake” over the coals. (the cake mix box will give you an idea of how long to bake cupcakes…but you will have to adjust according to your own fire) Carefully open the foil and the lid, and eat with a spoon. It’s yummy.

  10. Oh YUM is right! What fun and super delicious things to devour this summer! Too bad I am diabetic, I too could eat a 1,000 of those smores and I love all your “substitutions!”

    This is such a fun/creative site!

  11. This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I found your blog through one of my relatives. Your ideas are engaging and fun. You are so creative, thanks for sharing!

    We enjoy doing many of the things you have suggested doing around a firepit. I think we have tried all your suggestions and all the comment suggestions as well. If you are really full of adventure, you can put mud on the outside of a potato and cook that in the fire pit as well. Our kids, really enjoy doing the S’mores and Starburst roasting mostly.

    Here’s Our Firepit…</a/

  12. I have friends who swear by roasted twinkies. Never tried it myself, but there are gobs of recipes online of different things to cook in a fire both sweet and savory. What fun!

  13. My husband went camping with my 3 year old little girl in our woods about 2 weeks ago. They took hot dogs to cook over the fire. She informed me the next morning that her hot dog was yucky because it has black crunchy stuff on it! :) I personally like them over an open fire.

  14. Have you ever tried using different candy bars, such as snickers or twix? They are to die for when they are put between the melted marshmallows and graham crackers. I was just taught this little goodie a year or so ago and I LOVE it.

  15. Great ideas, Marie! We also like to roast corn on the cob – just smother the cob in butter and generously sprinkle with parmesan cheese! S’mores are good with Reese’s cups, too! And for tin foils….try putting a couple pieces of bacon on the bottom, then your hamburger with some onion soup mix sprinkled on top, then carrots and potatoes. Great flavor!!!!

  16. Along with the doughy biscuits idea… a friend of ours always brings Lil Smokies, those mini smoked sausages , and biscuits in a can when we go camping. Wrap the sausage in a piece of biscuit and put the whole thing on your roasting stick and cook over the fire. Of course all food tastes better cooked over open flame. Now I have to try the Starburst idea.

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